Good Morning Australia!! - Crews race to restore power in South Australia before more lousy weather blasts through - World leaders join Israel in lauding the late Shimon Peres - It was a Russia missile that killed hundreds in the downing of MH17 - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

CSIRO scientists took a good look at the 50 million tons of rubbish that Australians generate every year to find out where it accumulates and where it eventualy winds up.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 92 percent of the world's population breathes air containing pollutants exceeding the United Nations health body's recommended limits.

Good Morning Australia!! - Trump whines and makes excuses for being a loser - Aleppo is on the verge of collapse because of its own government - Science introduces the baby with three parents - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Our Earth was generally believed to be the only planet that exhibited both tectonic and seismic activity.  But a new analysis of photographs of Mercury shows its surface is active.

Rio Tinto is taking advantage of a stronger-than-expected commodities market that has bolstered its cashflow, and will buy back US$3 Billion in its US denominated bonds.  That comes out to about A$3.9 Billion.

The first face-to-face debate with US Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump revolved around temperament and how well each candidate grasps understands details of such things as the actual workings of the US government and international relations.  Hillary Clinton appeared to be cool, clear-headed, and in command of the facts while Trump huffed and snorted through rushed and often incoherent sentences.

Hello Australia!! - The first US Presidential debate of 2016 is tonight, can Trump get through without throwing his own poop? - China flies bombers and warplanes right up to Japan's border - Hollande vows the end of "The Jungle" - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

LED Street Lights, which are being installed or are on the drawing board for communities all around Australia, use less than half of the electricity of the older lights they generally replace.  That reduces reliance on fossil fuels.  But there's a hidden surprise that may be keeping people up at night.

Australian diets are way worse than imagined, with 99 percent of Aussies eating too much junk food and not enough vegetables.  This is according to a new, exhaustive study by CSIRO.

Good Morning Australia!! - Sunday's Security Council meeting makes it clear that the Syrian Civil War is now a proxy conflict between larger powers - A christian is killed for a Facebook post - Swiss voters love them some Big Brother - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - Water as a weapon of war - Corbyn solidifies UK Labour's swing to the Left - Another mass shooting in gun crazy America - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - New video conflicts with the official account of a police shooting of a black man in America - While two white cops face charges for more killings - Rescues and ruin in Aleppo - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - Hackers have lifted personal info from half a billion Yahoo accounts - Russia and Syria answer calls to restore the ceasefire with a fiery "no" - Cops bust other cops for helping immigrants - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The governor of the US state of North Carolina declared a state of emergency in its largest city Charlotte following civic unrest over the police killing of a black man, at least the second time this week in gun crazy America.  Cops say Keith Lamont Scott when they shot him; witnesses and family members say the man was holding a book, not a gun.

After two days of talking up Australia's controversial refugee policy in New York City, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered his first address before the United Nations General Assembly.

Good Morning Australia!! - There's no such thing as a free lunch (or USB stick) - Kerry tries to save the broken cease fire in Syria - Rome's mayor doesn't think the olympics are worth the trouble - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry is denying the Aceh Provincial government's proposal to rezone part of Mount Leuser National Park for geothermal development.  It's a major victory for environmentalists and the orangutan and rhino populations they're trying to protect.

A study in Germany confirmed the existence of employment discrimination against female job applicants with Turkish-sounding names - which gets worse if they wear an Islamic headscarf.

Good Morning Australia!! - Russia denies killing aid workers in Syria - Obama takes a parting shot at creeping authoritarianism, at home and abroad - Brangelina NO MORE!  Hollywood gets its biggest divorce of the year - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The governor of the US state of California signed a bill to restrict air pollutants from such varied sources as trucks burning diesel fuel to cow farts.  It pushes California in the lead of US states actively trying to reduce emissions that lead to climate change.