Two of America's biggest telephone companies have suspended advertising on YouTube and Google wider networks in a dispute over the video and search giant's inability to guarantee their ads won't appear on extremist videos.

A politically-connected and controversial far right-wing educator testified under oath that Japanese government intervention helped him purchase land for a school for far below its market value.

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The FBI has evidence indicating associates of Donald Trump may have coordinated with Russia over the release of information intended to damage the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton last year, according to a report on CNN.

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Last year was the undisputed warmest on record, as the planet Earth watched as sea levels rose, oceans became warmer, and sea ice disappeared.

As climate change raises temperatures around the world, the number of diabetes cases is also increasing.  A new study says these two conditions are linked.

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New Zealand's international reputation as a green country is in danger as a once-a-decade environmental report card declares it is "approaching its environmental limits".

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny may not be showing his true colors as much as his new color, after a hooligan doused his face with a green liquid at a campaign stop in Siberia.

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The world's healthiest hearts belong to an indigenous group in Bolivia, according to researchers.

Uber president Jeff Jones is leaving the ride dispatching company after less than six months,and the departure appears to be less amicable than Uber initially let on.

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A US federal court ruled in favor of dairy truck drivers seeking overtime pay, and it turned out that a missing comma - a controversial "Oxford Comma" - could cost a company US$10 Million.

As Ecuador's President Rafael Correa wraps up his time in office, a new study chronicles the stunning increase in access to education under his administration.

Hello Australia!! - A dire warning for Canberra to fix the budget - Theresa May indicates her opposition against Scotland's proposed independence vote - No one will back Trump's paranoid delusion - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The largest private land donation in Chilean history is providing more than 400,000 hectares for a network of new national parks in the country's rugged and beautiful south.

Israel and its ally the US are pushing back against a United Nations report accusing Israel of imposing an "apartheid regime" of ethnic discrimination against the Palestinians.