US Senator and progressive icon Bernie Sanders, running for President as a Democrat, will propose cancelled more than US$1.6 Trillion in college student loan debt.

Aussie researchers found more than two-thousand bogus apps waiting for unsuspecting consumers to download from the Google Play store, raising concerns about online security.

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The Philadelphia Police Department put 72 officers on desk duty pending an internal affairs investigation of racist, offensive, or otherwise inflamatory social media posts documented by an online advocacy group.

Donald Trump approved a US military strike against Iran in retaliation for the downing of a drone earlier in the day, but abruptly reversed course at the last moment.

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US beekeepers lost almost four in ten of their honeybee colonies over the past year, raising fresh concerns over the crucial pollinators.

The Global Warming Crisis is threatening the water supply to more than a billion people in Asia, as shocked scientists compared declassified Cold War-era photos to modern images to determine the Himalayan Mountain range has lost a quarter of its ice.

The death of a German politician and ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel who was found dead in his garden was allegedly the work of an assassin who disagreed with his immigration policy.

A recent scientific expedition to the Canadian Arctic found that the permafrost is thawing seven decades earlier than had been predicted, signalling that the global warming crisis could be a lot worse that first thought.

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America's prestigious Harvard University has rescinded its admission offer to one of the survivors of the February 2018 shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School outside, Miami, Florida over online racism and sexism.

Arnott's has begun building a new, fully automated warehousing facility in the Western Sydney suburb of Huntingwood that promises to use the latest state of the art kit.

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Scientists are warming that one of Britain's favorite meals, Fish and Chips, could be off the menu forever because of global warming.

Get vaccinated and stay home if you are sick - that's the message from Victoria's health minister as this year's flu outbreak gets worse and spreads.

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