Hawaii has become the 26th US state to decriminalize Cannabis.

Democratic Governor David Ige did not sign the bill passed earlier by the state legislature, but he didn't veto it, either.  In US politics, that's usually a sign that an executive pol doesn't approve of the legislation, but realizes there's no upside to opposing it.

The new law comes into force on 11 January 2020.  People in possession of three grams would no longer to subject to prosecution of jail time, although they might be subject to a US$130 fine, depending on the wisdom of any police officer a person may come across.  Three grams is roughly three dried flowers, enough for three phat joints.

Governor Ige said decriminalization could beget further full legalization legislation "and other mechanisms to make marijuana more available".  Illinois recently fully legalized recreational Cannabis, with stores getting ready to sell nugs and buds and pre-rolls, along with all of those dabbing and vaping doohickeys.