Britons are quickly turning away from ready-made meals and some are foregoing meat altogether in reaction to the discovery of horsemeat masquerading as the more palatable beef in the food supply chain.

The pollster ComRes says 31 percent of those Europeans responding to their poll has given up ready-made meals.  Seven percent are joining Sir Paul McCartney and other celebrity endorsers on “Meatless Monday”, and Tuesday, and Wednesday.. you get the idea.

Governments are scrambling to test alleged beef to make sure it is not cut with cheaper horsemeat, and they’re scrambling to protect the food supply chain to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  Inspectors in ireland first discovered some supermarket hamburger patties to be as much as a third horsemeat.  Soon, a major British supermarket chain admitted to a horsemeat problem and the problem spread across the EU from there.

More than half of those polled want all the UK to ban all imported meat products unless officials can be absolutely certain of their origin.