Good Morning Australia!! - Trump doubles down on his threats against North Korea,while his secretaries and advisors are scattered and giving off different messages - Carrie Swainsbury's plea is rejected - Britain arrests a jogger for pushing a woman in front of a moving bus - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Flaming orange blowhard Donald Trump declared that North Korea should be "nervous" - after saying that maybe his earlier "fire and fury" threat against North Korea "wasn't tough enough".  This is after North Korea ridiculed to his idiotic posturing by calling him "senile" while "on the golf links again", and suggested he was "getting on the nerves" of his own troops.  North Korea has unleashed personal attacks on US and other world leaders before, but now there's an imbecile in the White House who is insecure and thin-skinned enough to be baited.  North Korea also called Trump's bluff and said it is proceeding with plans to test launch a missile towards Guam, where thousands of US forces are stretched across two huge military bases.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was there at Trump's golf course in New Jersey when the clown made his "fire and fury" comments that significantly escalated the heated rhetoric used by the two countries.  Kelly is a retired US Marine General, whom with Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster make up the White House faction known as "Trump's generals".  Mattis and Kelly reportedly hatched a pact that one would always stay in the country if the other was away, to keep an eye on Trump in case he does something stupid like threaten North Korea with "fire and fury" and provide follow-up clarification to blunt the impact.  In this case, Mattis released a statement after Trump's comments that kept the hard edge, but specified that the US would only act in self-defense - not preemptively, as Trump suggested.

Another administration official taking part in "Operation: Clean Up Trump's Mess" was undercut by a member of the White House Fascist Faction.  Media-shy US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a point of going on camera to tell Americans they could "sleep well at night and have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the past few days" because diplomacy would eventually solve the North Korean situation.  But then, middle-level and low-brow White House advisor Sebastian Gorka gave an unhinged interview to BBC radio saying it was "nonsensical" for the nation's chief diplomat to speak on military issues.  "If you threaten a nation, then what should you expect - a stiffly worded letter that would be sent by courier?" he said.  Gorka has become infamous for over-the-top comments that seek to over-compensate for his and Trump's inability to actually accomplish anything.

For his part, Rex Tillerson has not responded directly to Gorka - Tillerson is a former CEO of Exxon, he doesn't do that.  But US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters at a press briefing, "He's a Cabinet secretary.  He's fourth in line to the presidency," adding, "He carries a big stick."  Ever notive how these people are constantyly talking about their junk?  So, the president contradicts the military and the secretary of state contradicts the president and the staff contradicts the diplomats - which continues to bait an inept and unsteady president into doing and saying more stupid things.

All this because his approval numbers are tanking and investigators are closing in on his inner circle in the Russia investigation.


A judge in Colombia has rejected Cassie Sainsbury's plea bargain on cocaine-smuggling charges, so the 22-year old Adelaide woman faces a trial in which she could be sentenced to decades in prison.  Sainsbury says she was coerced into loading 5.8 kilograms of the illegal drugs into her luggage after threats were made to her family.

London police arrested a 50-year old man for allegedly pushing a woman in front of a moving bus while he was jogging on the Putney Bridge.  Video of the attack went viral and led to calls for finding the man.  The bus swerved and the woman was not seriously hurt, but this could easily have gone the other way.  This happened three months ago, but police couldn't match the video to a suspect so they released the video.  "The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road," said Sgt. Mat Knowles.  "It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle."

As many as 70 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia appear to have been deliberately drowned by people smugglers off Yemen in two separate incidents this week.  People from the impoverished Horn of Africa have for years crossed the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden to Yemen, seen as a gateway to the more prosperous Arab countries.  But Yemen in locked in a bloody civil war, and thousands have actually gone back to Africa to escape the worsening situation.

Denmark's health authority says 20 tons of eggs tainted with the insecticide Fipronil have been sold in the country, the latest European nation to find a problem.  Officials say people should not panic, as concentrations of the poison aren't actually high enough to harm people.  A company called  "Chickfriend" that performs maintenance work at poultry farms apparently used Fipronil in its client farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, and two executives have been arrested.  700,000 such eggs were reportedly sold in the UK;  Nine other countries including Romania and Luxembourg found the F-word in its egg products.