More medical troubles for Nelson Mandela; A long-time fugitive and sex offender will likely be extradited from the UK to Australia;  And the US military’s inability to deal with sex assaults in its ranks claims a 2-star General.

The group which some say rules the world meets in England;  The United Nations seeks aid for a humanitarian crisis in Syria;  Europe deals with record flooding on the Danube, all caught on video.  Enjoy the weekend, Australia!!!

US intelligence agencies tapping directly into the servers of the America’s largest Internet companies where agents can mine untold amounts of data for hints suspicious activity by foreigners or Americans. 

Criticism grows for Turkey’s mainstream media for largely ignoring intense national protests against the government;  A glimmer of hope as the Korean peninsula cools down;  And Ireland will decide if scrapping an entire legislative body will serve or damage democracy.

The Syrian army has retaken control of a UN-monitored crossing into the Golan Heights that had been overrun by rebel forces. Austria has said it will withdraw its peacekeepers from the Golan Heights because of the fighting.

Students and activists gathered in demonstrations throughout Paris after an 18-year old student at one of France’s most-prestigious universities was viciously beaten and mortally wounded by right wing militants.  The attack has shocked the political establishment.

Police in Scotland will investigate allegations that American CIA “extraordinary rendition” flights passed through Scottish airport, taking people deemed to be terrorists to black sights in countries that allow torture during interrogation.

Vladimir Putin his wife Lyudmila Putina stood side by side to make an awkward announcement on Russian television Thursday:  They’re getting divorced.

Twelve children now have thyroid cancer in Fukushima, Japan, up from three in February.  And fifteen more cases are suspected.

Police in Turkey have detained more than two-dozen Twitter users accusing them of using the social media network to 
“instigate public hatred and animosity.”

Conservationists sound the alarm on the fate of rare Sumatran Elephants;  Moscow cops blame human traffickers for a city beneath the city;  Government troops push back Islamist rebels in Western Africa;  And I just don’t understand the world anymore, so.. puppy.

It does not look good for peace in Syria anytime soon.  The US and Russia have failed to set a date for proposed peace talks, and government troops have retaken a rebel held town.

The 15-year old daughter of Michael Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles Hospital after what is being reported as a suicide attempt.  Conflicting stories say she either overdosed or tried to slit her wrists.

London Police are confirming that English Defense League graffiti was scrawled on the wall of an Islamic Community Center that burned down in an overnight arson attack.

Classical pianist Krystian Zimerman has had enough with people and their smart phones.  He stormed off the concert stage in the latest incident pitting artists against technology.

Uncle Sam cracks down on companies fronting for Iran;  The video showing a prominent mayor smoking crack is apparently “gone”;  And you know that thing you’ve been muttering to yourself for years?  That thing is true.  Seriously.

Four of the Bali Nine might have their life sentences reduced, if the government in Jakarta follows the recommendation of Indonesia’s corrections department.

The trial of “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius on charges of murdering his girlfriend Reeve Steenkamp has been postponed until 19 August, which by macabre coincidence would have been the victim’s 30th birthday.

France’s Foreign Minister says there is “no doubt” that Sarin Gas has been used in Syria’s civil war and Laurent Fabius points his finger directly at the Bashar al-Assad “regime and its accomplices”.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister is apologizing to the protesters who were injured by cops in the initial stages of protests in Istanbul.  But the conciliatory tone does not extend to those who joined the later anti-government demonstrations that rocked the nation.

The European Commission is imposing tough levies on Chinese Solar Energy products to stop Beijing from what critics say is “dumping” items on the market below cost.