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There is evidence that Cape Town, South Africa's efforts to conserve water are failing as the government says "Day Zero " - the day the reservoirs are completely out of water - is now projected to come nine days earlier than expected.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to spend $3.8 Billion to help Australian defense businesses sell more military hardware around the world.

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Hello Australia!! - The Taliban uses a sick ruse to kill almost one hundred people - A Republican money man is forced to step aside amid sex harassment allegations - Paris is flooding - Hackers steal half a billion dollars in cryptocurrency - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Shares in the company that makes Crock-Pots plunged this week because Americans and capitalism are not grounded in anything resembling reality.

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Chile's Congress approved free higher education in the South American country after more than a decade of campaigning and protests by activists demanding access to free quality universities for all.

Dozens of people are dead after fire swept through a hospital in Miryang, South Korea, one of the country's deadliest fires in many years.

Donald Trump ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller last June over petty reasons, but backed off when his White House counsel threatened to resign.

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San Francisco officials appointed their third mayor in six weeks, controversially replacing the city's first African American mayor with a white male venture capitalist while setting the stage for a rough election campaign in June.

The 24-hour rail strike in Sydney will not go ahead after the Fair Work Commission ruled it would pose too great a threat to the region's economy and safety.

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A global clothing brand will pay US$2.3 Million to help Bangladeshi clothing factories meet fire and safety standards.

Sydney train workers voted to go ahead with a 24-hour strike on Monday, although timetable disruptions will begin on Thursday when workers enact an overtime ban.

Japan is signalling that it plans to defy Australia and the world by replacing the mothership of its whaling fleet and likely continuing to catch and butcher whales in the Southern Ocean.

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Thousands of solar energy sales and maintenance jobs are in danger in the US after the orange clown Donald Trump slapped a 30 percent tariff on imported solar panel components.

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Malnutrition is worsening a measles outbreak on the Indonesian half of Papua, where doctors and health facilities are scarce.  Reports indicate more than 100 children have died.