Greens, Labor, and crossbench senators are backing an inquiry into how a $444 Million grant for work on the Great Barrier Reef went to a small not-for-profit charity without a competitive tender process.

Canada's upper house approved the version of the The Cannabis Act passed yesterday by the House of Commons.  This clears the way to full legalization of recreational marijuana in a matter of weeks.

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Canada's House of Commons approved a bill to legalize recreational cannabis use, moving the country one step closer to becoming the only G-8 nation to allow recreational use.

The troubled telco Telstra is reporting what it calls "intermittant" mobile outages across Australia.  It comes just weeks after the companies 3G and 4G networks futzed out, impacting commerce and emergency calls.

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The Parramatta Local Court sentenced the former secretary of the National Union of Workers' NSW branch to four years in jail for blowing a big pile of union money on ridiculous personal expenses.

The Upper house voted in favor of a bill introduced by The Greens to do away with the ten percent tax off feminine hygiene products, derisively known as the "tampon tax".

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BHP has approved a new $4 Billion iron ore project in Western Australia's Pilbara.

The head of the IMF says Trump's trade war will harm the US economy and cause "losers on both sides", while Canadians are looking at ways to strike back.

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A worker is in a critical condition after suffering a head injury at the West Gate Tunnel project in Melbourne's Docklands.

The government is considering mandatory English classes for anyone trying to become a permanent resident of Australia, because of figures that suggest a growing number of people can't speak English.

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Legal marijuana went on sale in Uruguay last year, thanks to a 2013 decriminalization law that regulated weed from plants to the consumer purchase point.  Problem is, they can't grow enough of it.

Several examples of one of the world's largest and longest-living trees, the African Baobab, appear to be dying off at an alarming rate.  Climate change appears to be the cause.

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A new study says major food conglomerates and other companies are unaware of how much they are dependent on pollinators like bees, birds, and other wild critters to keep their supply chains intact.