Authorities on Nauru arrested the most senior Australian health professional treating people at the immigration processing centre and ordered her deported back to Oz.

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Australia Post says it will be able to guarantee it will offer banking services for years to come after inking two more deals with banks

Indonesia is considering tearing up the trade deal with Australia after Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was "open" to moving Australia's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Jerusalem, following the United States.

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A new born baby from Sydney is the first outside of North America to get a lifesaving gene replacement treatment, thanks to a new screening program.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was forced to pull its Ebola experts - some of the most experienced in the world - out of the eastern DR Congo just as a second wave of of the wave has been detected in the area.

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ANZ's chief executive spelled out for a parliamentary committee in Canberra the steps the bank has taken since a series of scandals were revealed by the Royal Commission of inquiry.

Labor says it has done the math and will back the coalition's plan to bring tax relief for small and medium-sized businesses online five years earlier than planned.

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The Federal Government is asking the states to investigate the threat to the health of stonemasons amid a rise in cases of silicosis.

Australian Federal Police entered the Department of Home Affairs headquarters in Canberra to execute a search warrant over leaks concerning Peter Dutton's ministerial intervention in the case of two foreign au pairs.

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Australians love their engineered stone kitchen benchtops, but the trend is causing a deadly wave of the occupational lung disease called silicosis among our stonecutters.

The Bureau of Meteorology says there's a 70 percent chance of El Nino weather conditions by the end of the year, which is the opposite of what Australia's drought-ravaged areas needs.

A Minnesota judge dropped charges against a trio of climate change activists, saying prosecutors failed to prove that they had actually caused any damage.

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The Federal Government wants to prepare for the arrival of automated vehicles and other innovations in transportation by opening an Office of Future Transport Technologies.