UK judges have rejected Uber's appeal of a landmark employment tribunal ruling that its drivers should be classed as workers with access to the minimum wage and paid holidays.

A court in Seoul has ordered Korean air to pay damages to the steward who bore the brunt of an infamous temper tantrum that brought down a top executive and exposed the ills of South Korea's "Chaebol" system of corporate governance.

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New South Wales energy minister Don Harwin is calling on the federal government to end what he called "climate wars" and "put science, economics, and engineering ahead of ideology."

Last month's heatwave in northern Queensland is believed to have killed more than 23,000 spectacled flying foxes, which is about one-third of the nation's entire population.

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MP Andrew Broad of the Nationals will not contest the western VIC seat of Mallee in the next election following revelations of his use of a sugar daddy website to meet women overseas while he was on government business.

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Too much salt in one's diet might make the body chew through its own bones leaving then riddled with holes like Swiss cheese, according to Australian researchers.

Andrew Broad has resigned as assistant minister to the Deputy Prime Minister after a report he had used a "sugar daddy" website to meet a woman 20 years his junior on a taxpayer-funded trip to Hong Kong.

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The Northern Territory's Treasurer Nicole Manison will fly to Canberra next week to ask Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg for a bail out.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) now has access to Swiss banking records, enabling officials to make sure that Aussies with such accounts pay their fair share of tax.

The United States Senate for the first time since 1973 voted to invoke the War Powers Act to withdraw US military aid for Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen, which Donald Trump support.

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About a third of large Australian companies did not pay taxes even though they made profits, according to the Australians Taxation Office (ATO).

The US Senate will reconvene when Thursday rolls around to Washington DC to vote on a resolution that would end American support for Saudi Arabia's military intervention in the Yemen Civil War.

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Vanuatu's foreign minister singled out the US for allegedly obstructing progress at talks on limiting global warming taking place at the COP24 conference in Katowice, Poland.