China is admitting one of its navy ships fired on a Vietnamese fishing boat, but insists it was just firing flares.  Hanoi says the boat has severe fire damage in the latest provocative maritime confrontation between China and its neighbors.

An Argentine software company is undoubtedly annoying some in the UK with its new release:  A video game showing the Argentine police recapturing the Falkland Islands from British “terrorists”.

Japan and Australia are planning to sanction North Korea’s Foreign Trade Bank as part of the international crackdown on money going to fund Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

A Russian-born teen is reopening wounds over American adoptions of Russian kids, now banned in the Motherland.  He left his adoptive parents in America and returned to his birth family in a provincial town on the Volga River.

Toronto’s Conservative mayor Rob Ford is lashing out against reports he’s got a drinking problem, and it makes him prone to public drunkenness and embarrassing behavior.  Allies and the mayor’s brother are rising to his defense.

Italy’s Supreme Court chose double jeopardy and reversed the acquittal of American college student Amanda Knox in the former of her former roommate, Meredith Kercher.  Knox is vowing to fight the charges.

Representatives from Syria’s opposition have replaced the regime of Bashar al-Assad at the table of the Arab League Summit in Qatar.  It’s a major blow to Assad’s legitimacy in the 2 year civil war.

The government of Scotland has given its approval to a A$333 Million wind farm project.  The decision immediately angered American real estate developer and TV personality Donald Trump who claims the turbines will spoil the view from a golf course.

The Pentagon is condemning North Korea for ordering its artillery and rocket units to prepare to target US bases in Hawaii, Guam, and the United States mainland.  The threats come as new economic sanctions against the North kick in.

The President of the European Parliament says the Cyprus bailout deal was negotiated in a way that “lacked transparency, democratic accountability and were badly communicated.”  Martin Schultz says this "is no way to do business in Europe."

A hunger strike is spreading at America’s most-notorious military prison;  No foul play in a Russian tycoon’s death, but plenty of dead fowl in China;  Brazilian Grocery store take a stand to protect the dwindling rain forest.

China is breaking with a decade of self-reliance and buying 24 Fighter Jets and four submarines from Russia.  No wonder Vladimir Putin was so happy to receive China’s new President Xi Jinping in Moscow last week.  He's selling a lot of stuff to Beijing these days.

Ford Motor Company’s Indian unit and an advertising agency are in hot water for an advertisement showing former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with a group of bound women in the boot of a car.

A fisher off the Florida Keys made an amazing discovery:  A two-headed Bull Shark.  It’s the first time that phenomenon has been documented in that type of shark.  In this case, having two mouths does NOT make it twice as dangerous.

The US Military has return control of Bagram Prison to the Afghanistan government.  It clears away a major issue that was causing a lot of friction between the Hamid Karzai regime and the country propping it up.

The Dominican Republic is making a lot of cocaine busts so far this year.  The latest haul is 700 kilograms taken from the airplane of millionaire French Eyeglasses entrepreneur Alain Affelou, who is demanding an explanation from the company that manages his jet.

Police are learning more about the death of an Australian man in Florida;  Thousands protest the impending legalization of Gay Marriage in France;  And someone left a macabre warning against crime on a roadside in Mexico.

Colombian Police have intercepted a half-ton of cocaine that was hidden in a shipment of bricks.  The haul would have been worth $1.7 Million on the streets of the United States.

Cyprus secured a €10 Billion refinancing deal from the EU.  And while small savers are getting protection, large depositors in the island’s second-largest bank are getting thrown under the bus.

The Melbourne native-turned-Mossad agent who died in an Israeli prison allegedly leaked sensitive information to Hezbollah.  That’s according to an exposé in the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

Efforts by Syrian Rebels to gain international recognition (and with it, assistance with ousting the Bashar al-Assad regime) by projecting a unified front have gone off the rails.