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Coordinator, Human Resources

The NSW Institute of Sport

Location: NSW
Closing: 11 March 2018

Published on: GovernmentCareer - State

Chief Architect

Public Transport Victoria

Location: VIC - Melbourne
Closing: 06 March 2018

Published on: ExecutiveCareer

CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation - Satellite Operations and Data Manager


Location: Various
Closing: 30 March 2018

Published on: EngineeringCareer

Senior Transport Engineer

Darebin City Council

Location: VIC - Preston
Closing: 07 March 2018

Published on: GreenCareer

Executive Officer to the Dean

The University of Sydney

Location: NSW - Darlington
Closing: 07 March 2018

Published on: EducationCareer

Strategic Manager, City Services

City of Sydney

Location: NSW - Sydney
Closing: 07 March 2018

Published on: ExecutiveCareer

Latest Industry News

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Tales of ASX manipulation and employee drug use have emerged from a Senate inquiry into Macquarie Bank.

Published on: ExecutiveCareer

Thousands of NAB staff will begin being replaced by technology this week.

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SA’s ombudsman has accused a former TAFE director of maladministration.

Published on: EducationCareer

Administrators have apologised after a crucial online trainee doctor exam crashed.

Published on: EducationCareer

NSW has unlinked NAPLAN from HSC eligibility.

Published on: EducationCareer

ABCC leaders received 14 per cent pay rises last year, while agency staff recevied just 1 per cent on average.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in the US with a giant trade delegation.

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A new report has delivered a scathing assessment of WA’s former Liberal-National government ...

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Preparation of the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Melbourne's former lord mayor appear to have stalled.

Published on: GovernmentCareer - Local

Victoria's Roads Minister has apologised for describing a funding package as “better than a kick in the dick”.

Published on: GovernmentCareer - Local

Courses & Education

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By the end of the course, participants should feel very confident in how to prepare a best practice Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability report using the GRI Standards. Most importantly, participants will begin to understand the GRI report writer’s adage “It’s not about the report, it’s about the process!”

This GRI Certified course will provide you a practical overview of how to use the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards as you progress from the G4 version of the GRI framework.

We teach how to write clearly and succinctly, without sacrificing scientific accuracy. We teach you how to get your thoughts down clearly and how to increase your efficiency as a writer. We teach how to write and design documents according to audience (e.g. industry, peer review), purpose (e.g. monitoring report, journal article) and the type of research or project problem that needs to be solved

Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation and Management (CSARM) is a complex field of environmental management and, with the support of NSW Environmental Protection Agency (NSW EPA) and industry consultants, UTS Science School of Life Sciences has developed a program of short course modules to help environmental professionals update their specific area of expertise, extend their knowledge base and network with colleagues in industry and government.

CareerSpot’s attention to detail, understanding of our needs and exceptional customer service ethos has seen them provide what can only be described as ‘truly exceptional customer service’.

Agency Director
Graham Howard
Frontline Health Brisbane