Engand's National Health Service (NHS) is declaring war on cervical cancer with a goal of eliminating it through vaccines and better screening for the HPV virus that causes most of the world's cases.

Health officials in China are confirming 139 new infections of that baffling new coronavirus that first popped up in Wuhan city, and raising the death toll to three lives lost.

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Australian shares rode the tide of low interest rates and a US trade deal with China to reach record highs this week, but the experts are warning of volatile times ahead.

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An appeals court in Turin, Italy has linked brain tumors to mobile phone use - despite the concensus of most scientists who say that's just not the truth.

Workers at the biggest cannabis growing facility located outside of Chicago, Illinois voted overwhelmingly to unionize in the first key win for organized labor in the state's brand-new legalized pot industry.

The governor of the state of Virginia Ralph Northam is declaring a state of emergency before Monday, when far-right agitators are expected to crash a pro-gun rights rally in the state capital Richmond.

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Accelerating global warming and one of Australia's worst fire seasons on record has at least one climatologist concerned that Aussies could become "climate refugees", forced to abandon their homes because of the changing climate.

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Growers were already dealing with a devastating drought before the bushfire crisis burned crops and forced the closure of several key roads on which vegetables would be shipped from farm to market.

One state leads the others when it comes to the highest growth rate for ecommerce logistics, distribution, and warehousing in Australia.

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The leader of a right-wing student group at University of Queensland is dead, a day after leading a loud protest against a "drag queen story hour" at the Brisbane Library.

Drinking at least three cups of green tea a week could be the key to a longer and healthier life, according to a new study.

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