Some of the biggest pioneers of tech, artificial intelligence, and robotics are calling on the United Nations to ban the development of autonomous weapons, which many are labeling "killer robots".

Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton is "actively pursuing options" to get out of the shale oil business, bowing to pressure from shareholders to offload the underperforming sector.

Donald Trump delivered a long-awaited speech on his administration's policy on Afghanistan.  Although details were scant, the overall theme flies 180 degrees counter to the non-interventionist message he's espoused for most of the decade.  And the new diplomatic push seems likely to antagonize Pakistan, a nuclear power.

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The New Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia is taking its first surgical patients this week.

A police official says One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson might have undermined police efforts to "build social cohesion" when she donned a burqa in a stunt in the Senate last week.  Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young went even further and said the next terrorist attack in Australia will "be on your head, Pauline".

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Four Australians were injured in the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain in which a van was used to mow down people on the popular Las Ramblas pedestrian mall.

AUSTRAC says five customers appear to have used Commonwealth Bank's (CBA) intelligent deposit ATMs to make transactions that financed terrorism.

A tireless defender of Africa's elephants who helped secure the arrests of thousands of poachers and traffickers over the years has been murdered.

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Justice Minister Michael Keenan has rubbished a report that said he may be a double-secret dual citizen of the UK in violation of the constitution.

Apparently, other peoples' clothing are just a big joke to the One Nation crew.  But Pauline Hanson's decision to wear a Burqa in the Senate chamber appears to have back-fired, big time.

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Buried in that insane news conference in which Donald Trump defended murderous nazi scum who rioted in an American college town killing a woman, was Trump's executive order to strip away Obama-era rules to protect people from rising sea levels caused by climate change.

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The level of toxins produced by Australia's coal-fired power stations would be illegal in the US, Europe, and even in China.  That's part of a damning report that shows the plants put an enormous burden on the health care system.

Oil and gas producer Santos Ltd announced it expects to book a net impairment charge of about US$690 million after tax in its half-year results because of weaker oil prices.

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