Brazil's ruling party senate leader resigned and declared the government of unelected president Michel Temer to be "discredited" hours after the Supreme Court requested the legislature put Temer on trial for corruption.

Australia's most senior Roman Catholic official announced he would "return to Australia, as soon as possible, to clear his name" after being charged with historic sex abuse.

Authorities in Victoria are expected to charge Australia's highest-ranking Roman catholic official Cardinal George Pell with serious sex offenses, reportedly included three counts of rape.

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A stolen police helicopter fired 15 shots at the Venezuelan Interior Ministry and Supreme Court building in Caracas, and dumped four hand grenades in what the government is calling a "terrorist attack".

The world's first floating wind farm is a step closer to meeting its schedule of coming on-line before the end of the year.

The White House is moving to an Obama-era rule guaranteeing clean water to a third of the United States.

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Brazil's top prosecutor charged President Michel Temer with accepting bribes, making him the first sitting president in Latin America's largest nation to face criminal charges.

Rio Tinto says it will back China-based Yancore's offer of AU$3.55 Billion (US$2.69 billion) for its New South Wales coal mines, currently held by Rio's subsidiary Coal & Allied.

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No one was hurt in the collapse of a 130-tonne crane at a Perth building site on Monday morning, but workers will have some clean-up and repair work to do.

The state coroner of Western Australia in Perth has opened an inquest into a string of indigenous youth suicides.  It will be one of the largest inquests in Australia, and futures hearings will reach out to those communities in Broome, Kununurra, Halls Creek, and Fitzroy Crossing.

The Ebola outbreak that ravaged three nations in West Africa might have been even worse if it weren't for the bravery of Red Cross civilian volunteers who dealt with one of the most dangerous jobs.

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Even after promising to build a new "Uber 2.0" after purging top executives in a sex harassment scandal, the ride-hailing company is acknowledging that one questionable high ranking official is staying.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took a victory lap after winning the lengthy battle to pass the government's AU$23.5 Billion Gonski 2.0 model through parliament, a major reform in federal schools funding.

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Australian parents of autistic children are demanding One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson apologize for saying those kids should be removed from mainstream classrooms, an opinion that isn't supported by any evidence.  One of those mums is Labor MP Emma Husar, who let Hanson have it in Parliament.