Far right extremists in the United States killed more than twice as many people in 2017 - the first year of the Trump administration - than they did in the previous year, and murdered far more people than did domestic Islamic extremists.

Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi wanted to wrap himself in the songs of great Australian rock and pop musicians to celebrate Australia Day, but wound up trading barbs with musicians who didn't appreciate being involuntarily associated with the Conservatives' playlist.

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The CEO of the world's largest money management firm wrote a letter to a thousand CEOs, cautioning them that making profits is no longer enough - they must also have a positive impact on society.

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A Brazilian federal judge has ruled against unelected President Michel Temer's scheme to privatize the national power company Eletrobras, which is responsible for 69 percent of the country's electricity distribution.

A Queensland tourism official is using foul language to accuse a scientist of stifling Great Barrier Reef tourism, while scientists are defending him and asking tourist to stop trying to kill the messenger.

The Australian transport and logistics company Linfox is partnering with Monash University on a lengthy new study to better understand the health and wellbeing of workers in the logistics industry.

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Several people were reportedly injured in a structure collapse inside the building that hosts the the Jakarta Stock Exchange.  Photos circulating on social media show a chaotic and messy scene.

The human immune system treats a fast food diet in much the same way as it does to a bacterial infection, raising questions about the damage we're doing to ourselves by hitting the burger drive through so often.

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A major newspaper in America's largest city will on Friday's cover depict the current occupant of the White House as a pile of feces after Donald Trump made a vulgar racist comment about where people of color might want to immigrate to the US.  It's an unprecedented gutting of the dignity and credibility of the US presidency under Trump.

Telsa and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is confirming he attended a notorious sex party in Silicon Valley that was depicted in a new tell-all book exposing the excesses of the tech world's "bro" culture.

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US emergency management officials accompanied by military engineers and an armed security contingent raided a warehouse where Puerto Rico's power company was apparently hoarding critical supplies needed to restore electricity to the island territory.

Territory Generation is considering building the world's second largest battery to supply reliable, renewable power to Darwin and Katherine in the Northern Territory.

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