US E-commerce titan Amazon reportedly has been recruiting workers in Queensland to join a new, and as-yet-unannounced operation.  It's leading to speculation that the company is looking to take a big step into the grocery business.

It's not like the world wasn't warned: When Donald Trump campaigned for the US presidency, he railed against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has suddenly and unceremoniously cancelled a conference on climate change and health.  The agency isn't saying why.

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An indigenous-led initiative to take on youth suicide is getting a AU$10 Million boost from the government as the program in unveiled in a community hard hit by the problem.

United Airlines grounded all of its domestic flights for two hours because of a computer glitch, leaving stranded passengers grumbling in airports across the US.

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Police arrested a driver following a wild car chase in Melbourne's CBD that killed three and injured at least 20 more.  Although there were vague similarities to incidents in Europe, police say this was not related to terrorism.

A man has been killed by a crocodile at Cahill's Crossing on the East Alligator River, near Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

An award-winning Indigenous environmental activist who fought against deforestation in Mexico has been shot and killed.  It highlights the dangers faced by earth defenders in Central America, and echoes two previous killings.

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New South Wales Premier Mike Baird unexpectedly announced he is stepping down and retiring from politics, in order to stand with his family and help his parents and sister through "serious health challenges".

Last year was the Planet Earth's hottest year on record, and may have been the hottest in 115,000 years.  And climate scientists are putting the blame squarely on man-made global warming.

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A wilderness camera trap caught images of a Common Leopard sharing the same habitat as the Snow Leopard.  That's raising alarms with people trying to preserve the latter endangered species.

US President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking military secrets.  Originally sentenced to prison until 2045, Manning is now due to leave her cell in May of this year.

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Australia, Malaysia, and China have announced that the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been suspended.

The Federal Government is about to sink AU$12 Million into a two year test of new, more-accurate Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) that could mean increased safety, productivity, and efficiency in logistics and other sectors.