Norwegian resources giant Norsk Hydro is planning to invest US$64.5 Million in the water treatment system at Alunorte alumina refinery in Barcarena, Brazil, after admitting it is responsible for a series of leaks that have fouled the water supply for people living nearby.

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The number of US kids killed by guns since the Sandy Hook Massacre in 2012 has surpassed the total number of US combat deaths since the 9/11 attacks.

Queensland health authorities issued an alert after a person infected with measles visited a number of locations including a popular wildlife park.

Women in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) would be able to order the drug RU-486 over the phone or through their GP, under a plan being pushed by the Greens to expand Women's Reproductive Rights.

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Pretoria a is rejecting Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton's offer to help resettle white farmers, who he feels are "persecuted" in post-apartheid South Africa and should find a home in "civilized" Australia.

The governor general had sacked Australian Border Force Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg after a nine-month disciplinary investigation determined he had behaved inappropriately with a younger female subordinate.

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Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died in his home in Cambridge, UK at age 76.  He inspired millions by overcoming his severe disability while his research deepened humankind's understanding of our universe.

A federal program that aims to protect the Great Barrier Reef through controlling sediment pollution is going to a Queensland property whose owner wants to clear a vast number of trees.

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Deakin University's Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics (CSCL) has a plan to help the Australian logistics sector meet the challenges of the future by closing the gender gap and attracting fresh talent.

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A new, aggressive, and drug-resistant strain of HIV is pushing infection rates up in the Philippines, threatening to spark a new epidemic.

France and India kicked off the International Solar Alliance (ISA) summit in New Delhi, with the French President promising big money for solar projects in developing nations.

Australian and Canadian authorities worked with the American FBI on the arrest of the CEO of a company that alters Blackberry and Android phones, allegedly for the criminal underworld.

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