Mining giant BHP Billiton swung back to profit in its fiscal first half and rewarded shareholders with a bigger than expected dividend.  The good report was boosted by higher commodity prices, continued cost cutting, and the absence of large writedowns.

Uber Technologies has hired former Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder to lead an independent review into the company's workplace environment, after a former Uber worker's highly detailed blog claiming sexual harrassment went viral.

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It's not every day that a billionaire comes out in favor of a business tax, but Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes there is a way to compensate for the loss of revenue that happens when jobs are automated:  Tax the robots.

The Thai junta has halted plans for a coal-fired power plant after protests by area residents.  It marks a rare reversal of policy in a country where the right to protest has been severely infringed.

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Retired US Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward didn't just turn down Donald Trump's offer to replace Michael Flynn as White House National security Advisor.  He told friends that the offer was a "sh*t sandwich".

South Korean authorities have arrested Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong on a number of charges related to the influence peddling scandal involving President Park Geun-hye.

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Andrew Puzder was already having a hard time lining up enough votes in the US Senate to confirm him as the next US Secretary of Labor.  It was a sordid piece of his home life from almost three decades ago that torpedoed his nomination.

After being forced to fire his National Security Advisor, Donald Trump complained that leakers in the US intelligence community are sharing information with the world.  But it turns out that one person isn't on the share list:  Donald Trump.

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Shares in Toshiba stumbled on Wednesday after the company announced it was writing off more than AU$8.2 Billion and getting out of the business of building nuclear power plants.  A day earlier, chairman Shigenora Shiga announced he was stepping down.

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You'd think that seven miles beneath the Pacific Ocean's surface would be a place so remote that human activity couldn't screw it up; sadly, that's not the case.  Some of man's worst pollutants have made it all the way down to the Ocean's deepest waters.

White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn abruptly resigned on Monday night, after reports suggested he lied to the Vice President and other top White House officials about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

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Scientists in Australia and Sweden have developed the first mathematical formula to measure the impact of human activity on the earth.  They found that humans are causing the climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces.

A French businessman is suing the ride-hailing company Uber for tipping off his wife about his extra-marital affair.