• Make a truly unique impression with a video link on your cover letter
  • Put yourself in front of the hiring manager and really stand out from the crowd.
  • Rendered and delivered to your MySpot account free of charge
  • As simple as adding the link to your cover letter or resume – no software, nothing to download. Recruiters click and watch – it’s that easy.
  • Save videos to your computer
  • Did we mention its FREE of charge?


CareerSpot is evolving and we’re making some changes to bring you a better, more refined system, with greater customization abilities and the new functionality of VideoSpot.

Don't worry - you’ll still receive your e-bulletins delivered weekly to your inbox as always. Your email address will also give you access to the MySpot and VideoSpot systems if you wish to use them. Just click the register button at the bottom of the screen, throw in a few simple details, and an activation link will be dispatched. Click that and you’re in.

Log into MySpot and tell us what you want. Customize the system to feed you the news, jobs, events, conferences and education opportunities that you’re interested in – and filter out the rest.

While you’re there – check out the brand new VideoSpot system.

No more being another name on a piece of paper, in a stack of hundreds of resumes. Make your mark, show your personality – get your face in their face – and put yourself ahead of the pack.

VideoSpot is only available via CareerSpot – and you can use it to apply to any role you wish. Simply upload your 90 second clip to our loading system (via MySpot), and our IT gurus will work their magic to produce you a secure browser link that you can add to your resume or cover letter for recruiters and hiring managers to view. Seriously, it’s that simple. And it’s totally free of charge.

You can store up to 5 videos at any one time in your account, and all videos are stored for 30 days by CareerSpot. Create multiple videos for different roles, tailor your intro link to fit the role and really leave an impression HR won’t forget.

Wanna try it? Well – you need a MySpot profile. If you already have a profile, log in, and head to the ‘My Account’ tab to begin.

As always – we love feedback. So tell us what you think so we can give you the best CareerSpot experience possible.

With Thanks
The CareerSpot Team



  • We reserve the right to remove any video we deem offensive and to block the MySpot accounts associated.
  • Maximum of 5 VideoSpots per account at any time
  • Videos can be a maximum of 90 seconds. They will be clipped at this point so please time your video carefully.
  • VideoSpots are deleted after 30 days. If you wish to keep your video you must download it prior via a link provided on the media player.



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