France and India kicked off the International Solar Alliance (ISA) summit in New Delhi, with the French President promising big money for solar projects in developing nations.

The ISA was created on the sidelines of the Paris Climate Accord in 2015, with the aim of helping countries in harnessing solar energy at an affordable cost, especially in sun-drenched Africa.  The goal is to produce 1 trillion watts of solar power by 2030.  So far 61 countries have signed the treaty and 32 have ratified it.

France had already committed 300 Million Euros to the cause in 2015.  President Emmanuel Macron is visiting India in part for the summit, and upped that commitment to 700 Million Euros, equivalent to around AU$1.1 Billion.  Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will open a new 100 megawatt solar plant near the holy city of Varanasi on Monday.

"We have to make sure that a better and cost effective solar technology is available to all," said Modi.  "We will have to increase solar in our energy mix."

Macron heaped praise on a group of female solar scientists, while taking an indirect shot at the orange clown Donald Trump, who ended US participation in the international climate deal.

"Our Solar Mamas did not wait for us," Macron said.  "They started to act and delivered complete results.  They did not wait and stop because some countries (US and others) just decided to leave the floor and leave the Paris Agreement.  Because they (ISA nations) decided it is good for them, their children, and grand children.  They decided to act."