Two AFL executives were forced to resign after being caught in "inappropriate relationships with two younger women who work in the AFL industry".

Simon Lethlean was the AFL's football operations manager, while Richard Simkiss the league's commercial manager.

"The men have taken accountability for their actions.  They've owned these issues," said AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan.  "Both men have been honest and forthright to me and did not want the AFL to be affected by their actions," he added.

Mr. Lethlean released a statement that read:  "As a husband and a leader of this organization it is up to me to set the example.  What I did was wrong.  I failed my wife, my family, my friends, my organization and football by making the decision I have.  I have hurt the people who are most important in my life and who I love.  They have done nothing to deserve this.  I am deeply sorry for all the hurt and embarrassment I have caused."

Mr. McLachlan made his statement separately:  "My actions did not live up to the values of the AFL and is something I am truly sorry for."

The Melbourne Herald Sun reports the affairs were an "open secret" in the office, which caused disruption in the workplace.