The younger sister of the Korean Air executive who berated employees so badly she actually went to jail has made her own mark - on the wall, where she whipped a water bottle during a tantrum.

Korean Air senior vice-president Cho Hyun-min apologized for throwing a bottle of water at an employee who failed to answer her question during a company meeting, and splashing a cup of water in the worker's face.

"I apologise with my head down for my foolish and reckless behavior," said Ms. Cho, who also goes by the Western name "Emily".  "I have no words to say for my action that I should not have done under any circumstances."

It's another example of abuse in South Korea's Chaebol system in which wealthy families run large conglomerates as fiefdoms, controlling large sectors of the nation's economy - often with little to no accountability.

The 36-year old is the youngest daughter of Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho, and the sister of younger sister of Cho Hyun-ah of "nut rage" fame.  In 2014, the elder sister, who goes by "Heather", infamously threw a white-hot tantrum aboard of Korean Air flight on the ground at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport because a flight attendant gave her a bag of macadamia nuts instead of serving it to her in a dish.  She forced the cabin chief to kneel and beg her forgiveness, and delayed operations at JFK Airport when she ordered the man off of the plane. 

The scandal forced Heather Cho to resign her position and eventually served five months in jail for violating aviation security and business practices laws.  She now works for another wing of the family corporation.