Queen Elizabeth has reportedly ordered Buckingham Palace to find "workable solutions" to deal with Prince Harry and Meghan's announcement they've in effect "gone rogue" from the Royal Family.

The deal is "expected to take days not weeks" according to a royal source quoted by Sky News.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been bristling under Buckingham Palace's constraints and the vile, racist attitude of the right-wing tabloids.  So they announced this week that they were "stepping back" from their duties as senior royals, and wanted to move to North America (presumably Canada) and become "financially independent".

Although the announcement took the royals by surprise - the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry are said to be "incandescent with rage", the plan appears to have been in the works for a while.  Harry and Meghan created a brand "Sussex Royal" and have trademarked more than 100 items including pencils, socks, and bookmarks - enough items that one US retail analyst suspects it could be worth US$500 Million.

The two are alreadu highly sought-after public speakers.  Meghan is a campaigner on women's issues while Harry has had huge success with the Invictus Games for injured service personnel.