Adani could begin breaking ground on its Carmichael mine site within weeks after Queensland Premiere Annastacia Palaszczuk called for the final approvals to be resolved.

If the final two issues are worked out, this could start within three weeks.  Ms. Palaszczuk says she wants the plan to protect the black-throated finch nailed down by 31 May, and the groundwater management plan agreed by 13 June.  

"Our construction activity will start as almost immediately as we've got these approvals," said Adani Australia chief executive Lucas Dow.

Now that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has the election behind him, he's also backing a quicker approvals process.

"Get on with it," said Morrison, "Regardless of who's proposing a mine, or what the mine is, it just should comply with the relevant regulation and legislation, like any other project, and people should have the certainty about those processes being followed."