The board of mining giant BHP is advising against an investor-led resolution that would have required the company to bail out of any group determined to be at odds with the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

The shareholders backing the measure included Grok Ventures, which is the private investment company of software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife Annie, as well as superannuation and pension funds from Australia, Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands.  It said that BHP should resign its membership in organizations that oppose the Paris deal, which seeks to limit global warming to 2 C degrees above the planet's pre-industrial average temperature.  

But the BHP board maintained such as resolution isn't necessary because it is already reviewing such memberships.

"BHP is currently conducting its 2019 industry association review and will publish the outcome of the review," BHP said in a release to the Australian and London stock exchanges.  "The review includes comparison of the positions taken by relevant industry associations since January 2018 as against the positions held by BHP in climate and energy policy areas of importance to the company."

But the resolution's backers say the company is funding groups including the Minerals Council and affiliated body Coal21, which is planning a multimillion-dollar advertising blitz to try and drum up "national pride" in coal.

The resolution will be put up for vote at the annual shareholders meeting on 7 November.