Australian Federal Police entered the Department of Home Affairs headquarters in Canberra to execute a search warrant over leaks concerning Peter Dutton's ministerial intervention in the case of two foreign au pairs.

The ABC reported that someone within the department complained to police about an about an "unauthorised disclosure of information"; While the Guardian newspaper said that officers searched personal devices and a workspace in relation to the possible leaks. 

"The matter has been accepted for investigation," said an AFP spokesman.  "The AFP has undertaken enquiries and conducted a number of activities in relation to this investigation."

In August reports surfaced that Dutton had intervened to prevent two foreign au pairs from being deported because they didn't disclose their intention to work in Australia:  One, from Italy, worked for a former Queensland Police co-worker Russell Keag; the other came from France to work for Callum MacLachlan, a cousin of AFL chief executive, Gillon McLachlan.

An email chain leaked to Labor showed there had been ministerial intervention, with officials even working on a Sunday to prevent one of the deportations.  Dutton denies acting inappropriately in both instances.