A top aide to Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has resigned over the speech in which his boss called for a "final solution" to Muslim immigration to Australia.

Richard McGilvray managed Anning's legislative agenda and negotiations with stakeholders.  He said he can't condone the views expressed in the speech which contained several false and offensive remarks about Muslims.

"His reference to 'The Final Solution' was not something I had seen, heard of, or discussed prior to his remarks last night," Mr. McGilvray said in a social media post.  "As a consequence, within hours of Senator Anning's speech, I resigned my position effective immediately."

Meanwhile, Sky News is broadcasting audio that purports to be the voice of right-wing political operative Jim Savage, who speaks of advising Anning to make his maiden speech controversial and to "hit a nerve".  The former One Nation state secretary goes on to say that he also told Anning not to back down:  "Don't start apologising, don't start saying, oh, I shouldn't have said that, 'hold your f**king nerve'." 

Savage told The Guardian newspaper that he didn't recall the conversation, although it sounds like something he'd do.

The recording calls into question Anning's claim that he was not intending to controversial; in fact, it appears to have been the plan all along.