A Liberal federal government minister is admitting he "behaved like an idiot" with "inappropriate" actions towards a female Australian Defence Force officer while on a taxpayer-funded military exchange program.

The ABC is reporting that Queensland Liberal Scott Buchholz has offered an apology to the RAAF member in question.  She immediately filed a complaint when it happened in Darwin last August. At the time, he was a back-bencher, but PM Scott Morrison has since promoted Buchholz to Assistant Roads and Transport Minister.

"I behaved like an idiot on a parliamentary exchange last year and I recognise how inappropriate my actions were," said Mr. Buchholz.  "I apologised for my conduct and the offence I caused, and I reiterate my deep respect for the ADF and its members."

The Defence Department has not specified exactly what happened.

"Defence can confirm that a complaint was made by an Australian defence force member about the behaviour of a parliamentarian during Exercise Pitch Black 2018," said a spokesman.  "The parliamentarian was participating in the exercise as part of the Australian defence force parliamentary program.

"The complaint was referred to the office of the minister for defence personnel," the spokesman continued, "Defence subsequently received an apology from the parliamentarian and is satisfied with the response."