The Supreme Court of Costa Rica declared that the ban on Gay Marriage is unconstitutional because it is discriminatory, and justices gave lawmakers 18 months to change the law.

And one justice, Fernando Castillo, said the ban will automatically cease to legally exist in 18 months, even if no action is taken by the legislature.  And even though a lot can happen in 18 months, it seems fated that marriage equality is coming to the Central American country.

The ruling is in line with January's declaration from the Inter-American Human Rights Court which said same-sex marriage should be recognized by all of its signatory members.

President Carlos Alvarado welcomed the Supreme Court ruling, saying he wants to guarantee "no person will face discrimination for their sexual orientation".  He ran on a specifically pro-LGBT rights platform and beat evangelical pastor opponent Fabricio Alvarado, who vowed to defy the Human Rights Court's rulings on same-sex rights.