European Union leaders granted UK Prime Minister Theresa May's request for a delay of the Brexit, but only for a fraction of the time she sought.

"The 12 April is the new 29 March," a EU official said.  Leaders meeting in Brussels didn't want to offer Ms. May anymore time because she wasn't able to explain what the UK would do if MPs rejected her Brexit proposal yet again. 

"Asked three times what she would do if she lost the vote, she couldn't say.  It was awful.  Dreadful.  Evasive even by her standards," said an aide to one of the EU leaders.  The source said that it was at this point that the EU decided that "she didn't have a plan so they needed to come up with one for her.

If Parliament rejects Ms. May's Brexit deal for a third time, then the divorce is delayed only couple of weeks to 12 April to give London time to prepare for crashing out of the EU.  If, by some miracle, MPs approve the deal then the Brexit is to take place on 22 May.  Both dates are far short of the three months she sought when she stepped on the plane to Brussels yesterday.

May might be able to request even more time if it can demonstrate the UK has agreed on a path forward, and will hold European Parliament elections.  Which is really, really unlikely.