In the first arrest of an opposition figure since the latest aborted coup attempt, Venezuelan authorities took into custody a top deputy to US-backed self-declared president Juan Guaido.

Agents from Venezuela's Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) approached Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the National Assembly, as he sat in his car, refusing to get out.  So they towed his car to prison with him in the driver's seat.

"The vehicle was surrounded," said Democratic Action party leader Carlos Prosperi, an ally of Guaido and Zambrano.  "They (Sebin agents) wouldn't allow us to get to him.  They brought a tow truck and his vehicle was towed away."

This comes a day after the Supreme Court ordered the arrests of Zambrano and six other National Assembly deputies.  They'll be charged with treason for their alleged roles in last week's failed attempt to topple democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.  That's when Guaido, perhaps over estimating his support, called on members of the military to join him in overthrowing the government.  The military mostly stood firm, although some of them who had been seen with Guaido said they had been duped by the commanding officers.