Prime Minister Scott Morrison toured the fire damage zone on Kangaroo Island, remarking that it was lucky no one had lost their lives during devastating bushfires - he was quickly corrected.

"Well, thankfully we've had no loss of life, Mr. Morrison said while visiting the bushfire-ravaged island where bush pilot Dick Lang and his son Clayton, a leading plastic surgeon in South Australia, lost their lives.

People corrected Morrison, who replied: "Yes two, that's quite right.  I was thinking about firefighters firstly."

It's the latest in a series of slip-ups and awkward moments for Morrison that included last week's failed visit to Cobargo in NSW where residents yelled abuse at him, and a firefighter refused to shake his hand.

Since the beginning of the fire season, 26 people have been killed, thousands of homes have burned, and millions of hectares of wild lands have been blackened.  Conservationists believe more than a billion animals, large and small, have perished in the fires.