The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils says the government's Religious Discrimination Bill must urgently address the problem of "increased intolerance towards Muslims".

The largest Australian Muslim group says the legislation should include stronger protections to safeguard the rights of people to practice their religion.

"There is now a growing body of evidence to support this increased intolerance towards Muslims and their beliefs and practices," reads the submission to the Morrison government lodged by Australian Federation of Islamic Councils President Dr. Rateb Jneid.  "Australian society has become more intolerance of minorities, and religious minorities specifically - that intolerance we submit has led to an increased level of discrimination."

After an Australian gunman murdered 52 Muslims during the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this year, many Mosques here have stepped up security.  Despite this, racist attackers hit the Holland Park Mosque in Brisbane, spraying the walls with swastikas a reference to the Christchurch shooter was sprayed.

"This issue of vilification of people of faith generally, and the protections afforded against it is of vital importance to our social fabric," the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils wrote to the government.  "We urge the government in the strongest terms to find a workable solution..  that balances the competing rights of people of faith and others."