As world leaders prepare to go to Germany for the annual Munich Security Conference, they will consider a report that says the order that we know as "the free world" is breaking down and Donald Trump is making it worse.

"A new era of great power competition is unfolding between the United States, China, and Russia, accompanied by a certain leadership vacuum in what has become known as the liberal international order," wrote conference chief Wolfgang Ischinger, former German ambassador to the US.  His Munich Security Report (MSR) - entitled "The Great Puzzle: Who will pick up the pieces?" - accuses Trump of displaying "an irritating enthusiasm for strongmen across the globe, suggesting that this administration is living in a 'post-human rights world'."

The MSR bares the stunned reactions of the US' NATO partners:  "For longtime trans-Atlantic allies, it is still hard to stomach when Trump praises illiberal leaders from Brazil to the Philippines."

The conference - which starts on Friday - will also discuss the strategic implications of Climate Change, the rivalry between the US and Russia, and Europe's role in the world after the Brexit.