France is planning to introduce an "eco-tax" for all flights from French airports, with the money raised going to be invested in in less-polluting transport, such as railroads.

The tax would only be for departing flights, not arrivals.  And coming in at about AU$2.50 per seat for coach and AU$30 for business class, many travelers might not even notice it.

Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne says the scheme is expected to raise almost AU$300,000,000 from 2020.

The French government has been trying to tighten up environmental laws.  But an earlier attempt to raise the gasoline tax provoked widespread anger and inspired the Gilets Jaunes, or "Yellow Vest", protests and the government had to look for other ways to raise money.  Officials are also hoping to reap another $225 Million by eliminating a diesel fuel subsidy for truckees.

"The government is finally targeting tax breaks for the most polluting industries such as trucking and airlines, but these modest measures will not significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Lorelei Limousin of the Climate Action Network.

Likewise, EU Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator at Can Europe Klaus Rohrig said the ticket tax is a "good first step" towards tackling carbon pollution created by the aviation sector, but that this measure is "not enough".