Even if the nations of the earth somehow get their acts together and meet their responsibilities under the Paris Climate Accord, a third of the glaciers in the Himalayan Mountain range will melt away.

Two-thirds of the glaciers will disappear by the year 2100 if world governments ignore Paris and things just keep going the way they are now.

"Global warming is on track to transform the frigid, glacier-covered mountain peaks of the Hindu Kush Himalayas to bare rocks in a little less than a century," said Philippus Wester, lead author of the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment, released by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). 

The glaciers of the Himalayas feed some of the world's most well-known rivers in Asia including the Indus, Ganges, Yangtze, Irrawaddy, and Mekong.  Nearly two billion people depend on this systems for their livelihoods, food, and water. 

"All the countries affected need to prioritise tackling this upcoming problem before it reaches crisis proportions," said Dr. Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, an environmental research centre in Dhaka, Bangaldesh.

The Paris Climate Accord seeks to stop climate change by having nations cut their carbon emissions with the goal of limiting global warming to less than 1.5 C degrees warmer than pre-industrial levels.