You know there really is something to Climate Change when even good ol' capitalism sits up and takes notice of what is happening to the world, and urges workers to take a day off to protest.

Several Australian companies are banding together and urging their own employees to strike on 20 September, in hopes of getting the government to notice the increasing desperation of the situation.  The "Not Business as Usual alliance" includes software giant Atlassian, KeepCup, energy retailer Amber, and ethical superannuation fund Future Super.  

The "Strike 4 Climate Action" will take place on 20 September, and is expected to welcome the participation of millions of students around the world.  Adding Aussie business to the mix greatly broadens the participation and demographic make up of the movement.

"We came together with other Australian businesses to form Not Business as Usual because there's nothing usual about students skipping school and asking adults to help them fight climate change," said Future Super CEO and founder Simon Sheikh.  "Future Super will be closing its doors on the day of the climate strike, but every business can do something to support its employees who want to participate.

“Businesses who support their employees will be sending out a powerful message that this is not business as usual," he added.  "We need to put boots on the ground and help solve the climate crisis, and by coming together we all have the power to be part of the solution to solve the moral challenge of our generation."