The Dutch government is planning to reduce the daylight highway speed limit after coalition parties agreed to the scheme to cut down no the small country's output of nitrogen oxide pollution.

Under the plan that the House of Representatives will begin to consider on Thursday, the daytime highway speed limit would be reduced from 130 kilometers per hour to 100 from the 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening, local time.  After that, driver could accelerate back up to 130 kph in the overnight hours.  The new speed limits would come into effect in 2020. 

Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized that the agreement is a first step and much more work needs to be done.  "I'm happy we managed to work it out together in a decent way," said Rutte.

This move would reduce the country's output of nitrogen oxide, but the agriculture sector is still the Netherlands biggest emitter, accounting for 46 percent of the country's output.  But farmers don;t want to hear it.

Feeling singled out, farmers drove their tractors to the cities which clogged roads and created the country's worst-ever traffic jam.