Singapore is considering a total ban on the domestic trade in and display of elephant Ivory.

"This is welcome news after China implemented its domestic ban on ivory sales earlier this year and recently upheld its 25-year ban on rhino horn and tiger parts," said Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid.  "With Singapore joining the global community in prohibiting ivory sales and thus doing its part to help alleviate the poaching crisis, Japan remains the last major ivory market that allows legal sales."

The ban was proposed by Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), which is responsible for safeguarding animal and plant health.  The plan would completely prohibit local businesses and individuals from selling or buying all forms of elephant ivory products in Singapore.  Although Singapore is part of the international agrement forbidding ivory imports, it has allowed domestic trade. 

The legislation will also ban the display of elephant ivory in public, except when used for educational purposes such as in museums or zoos.  But the plan does not list any other exceptions.