The Uganda Ministry of Health says a five year old child has tested positive for the Ebola virus. - now, the race is on to identify others who may be infected with the disease.

The Ebola Outbreak in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo surpassed 2,000 confirmed infections last week, making it the second largest outbreak the world has ever known - second only to the West African Ebola Epidemic.  More than 1,340 patients have died so far.

The infected five-year old child and 14 family members arrived in a border town where health officials labeled 12 as symptomatic.  The father is Ugandan and the mother is Congolese, and went to the DRC last month to care for the woman's father who died of Ebola on 27 May.  They were transferred to hospital.  But six family members broke away at night and crossed into Uganda by foot.

"Congolese health authorities immediately notified the Ugandan authorities and provided them with the names and phone numbers of suspected cases," said the DR Congo Health Ministry.  

Once officials tracked down the family, they were taken to hospital and put in isolation.  It is possible they will be sent back to DR Congo to be treated there.