Victoria is set to ban the controversial practice of so-called "gay conversion therapy", making it the first state of territory to outlaw psychological therapy or counseling to try to suppress or change a person's sexuality or gender identity.

"The notion that any gay Victorian is broken and needs to be fixed, the notion that any gay Victorian can be cured is such a hurtful, wrong, absolutely disgraceful way to approach what should be about inclusion and acceptance," said VIC Premier Daniel Andrews who went on to label it "bigoted quackery".  

This comes after the Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack found "overwhelming evidence" it does serious and long-term harm to those subjected to the practice, which sometimes is performed in conjunction with exorcisms.  Ms. Cusack found that survivors live with acute distress, ongoing anxiety, and depression.

"There are still psychologists, counselors, and counseling services offering conversion therapy/practices, despite the overwhelming evidence of the significant and long-term harm caused by these practices," Ms. Cusack wrote in her report.

Co-author Anna Brown said, "We're very pleased to see the government respond to key recommendations in our report, and particularly the need for careful consideration of specific legislation to target these damaging practices."