Seven former executives of France Telecom oncluding ex-chairman and CEO Didier Lombard are on trial over charges of moral harassment linked to a series of suicides among employees.

The company which has since renamed itself Orange, is also charged.

Some of the 35 staff members who took their own lives in 2008-2009 left notes blaming France Telecom, its executives, and their policies after teh formerly state-owned company was privatized.  These workers were often transferred away from theri families, transferred mutliple times ina  single year, left behind whe their offices moved across the country, or assigned demeaning jobs.  

Lombard was tasked with trying to cut 22,000 jobs and retrain at least 10,000 workers.  He reportedly said of his workforce in 2007, "I'll get them out one way or another, through the window or through the door."

The seven deny they were responsible for the suicides.  But if they're found guilty, each could face a year in prison and fines in excess of AU$20,000.  The company could be fined AU$120,000.