Tesla Motors has sent investigators to China after video of a parked Model S bursting in flames went viral around the world.

"After learning about the incident in Shanghai, we dispatched a team to the scene last night as soon as possible," read the statement from Tesla released form Chinese social media.  "We are actively liaising with the relevant departments and cooperating with the verification of the situation," it continued, "According to the current information, there we no casualties."

Shanghai, China

The video shows a white Tesla Model S parked in a garage, apparently in Shanghai.  Smoke begins to seep from underneath the all-electric vehicle, just seconds before it explodes and jets of fire blast out from underneath.  Another video purporting to show the aftermath features the burned out shells of three vehicles.  

Tesla insists that it electric vehicles are less likely to explode than conventional cars; but it does seem like that whenever one does, it attracts a lot of attention.  There are now twelve major brokerages recommending that investors abandon billionaire Elon Musk's venture, raising bearish sentiment on Tesla to an all time high.  It adds to the pressure on the company, which is expected to disappoint when it reveals first quarter earnings later this week because of lower-than-expected deliveries.