The man arrested by UK police in the murder of MP Jo Cox of West Yorkshire had ties to American neo-nazi groups, and purchased from them instructions on how to make explosives and firearms.

41-year old Jo Cox, a member of the Labour Party in the British Parliament, died in hospital after being shot and stabbed during one of her regular meetings with constituents.  Despite being in Parliament for only a year, she already had a reputation as a friendly and accessible lawmaker who was concerned with helping immigrants.

Police promptly arrested a local man, 52-year old Thomas Mair.  The US Civil Rights group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has obtained documents linked Mair to the so-called National Alliance, which at one time was the biggest neo-nazi group in the US.  In 1999, he spent US$620 on publications from the group, one of which included detailed instructions for constructing a "Pipe Pistol For .38 Caliber Ammunition" from components that can be purchased from nearly any hardware store.

The Telegraph newspaper of London also reported that Mair was also one of the earliest subscribers to "SA Patriot", which is put out by the pro-apartheid White Rhino Club which opposes "multi-cultural societies" and "expansionist Islam.".