Aussies starting their school holidays and other travelers were thrown for a loop when Jetstar abruptly cancelled some flights out of Sydney Airport.

The cancellations included two flights scheduled for 7:00 AM and 6:55 AM to Melbourne and Adelaide, respectively.  Passengers were left stranded in long queues, scrambling to find ways to get from here to there.

"There was no text message, just a message on the board when I got here," said one dissatisfied customer who didn't learn his 8:25 AM flight was cancelled until he got to the airport.  "They still haven't told me why," he complained.  The next flight to his destination wasn't until 5:00 PM.  Many travelers tweeted similar situations.

Jetstar says several "unrelated incidents" piled up to create one big cluster you-know-what.

"It's a combination of bad weather in other ports, some crew were unwell and one of our aircraft had a technical issue," a Jetstar spokesman told Yahoo7 News.  "We will be putting customers on the next available flights.

"All passengers have been placed on the next available flight and were notified by text message or email.  If they didn’t receive these it's possibly because their details weren't updated or they booked through a travel agency."

With hundreds of passengers inconvenienced, the lines at rival airline counters grew as people looked for substitute flights.