Google's Project Wing will inaugurate its new drone delivery service in two suburbs of Crestmead and Marsden, Queensland, likely before the end of the month.

Consumers in those suburbs of Logan who order items over Google's Wing app will be the first to have their goodies delivered within minutes via drone aircraft.  The company already started some deliveries outside Canberra.

"Because we can deliver things so quickly, across the city in 5 minutes, you can be in the moment, doing a DIY project and need a paintbrush or some nails and instead of stopping and going to the store you can just order what you need," said Wing chief executive James Ryan Burgess.  "It's not so much about 'just get it to me faster', it's getting things to people when they need them."

The businesses participating are three Logan businesses: Extraction Artisan Coffee, Friendly Grocer Crestmead, and Browns Plains Hardware.  When customers place their orders, the drones will ferry the items to the customer in designated delivery zones, which will probably be located in yards or driveways.