Australia Post is set to become the nation's largest electric vehicle fleet operator after putting in a new order for an additional 1,000 three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles (eDVs).

"We are proud to soon be operating Australia's largest fleet of electric vehicles, and hope this will set the standard across Australia," said Australia Post Group Chief Operating Officer Bob Black.  "With parcel volumes growing - on average, close to 10 percent each year for the last three years - and letter volumes declining, we're always looking for ways to ensure our posties continue to play an important and sustainable role in the community.  These vehicles offer additional carrying capacity, so our posties can deliver more parcels than ever before directly to the customer's door - and can perform additional functions, such as collecting mail from street posting boxes."

Mr. Black said eDVs are safer for posties and customers, and better for the environment.

"The eDVs are safer than the traditional motorcycle," he continued, "They are easier to see on the road, more stable, have increased rider protection and lower on-road speeds, all of which reduce a postie's exposure to incidents and serious accidents."

All states should start to see the eDVs in action from June.

"We started trialling eDVs in 2017 and we've since deployed them in all states.  We have worked closely with our posties to make improvements along the way," said Black, "Our posties love the eDVs because they demonstrate our commitment to providing safer and more sustainable employment into the future, given consumers are sending fewer letters and relying more and more on their postie to deliver their parcels."

"They will also help us achieve our commitment of reducing our carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2020."