Powerful winds wore across Dallas, Texas causing all sorts of damage - including the collapse of a giant construction crane into an apartment building and parking garage.

Dallas residents were already eyeing the sky with dread as the storm rolled across the flat Texas plain, and one happened to be recording video just as the crane twisted and broke down.  The highest recorded gust as 71 mph at a local sporting field, but the force of the wind was more than likely even stronger high up at the top of the crane.

Tons of metal crashed through the top floor of the five-story "Elan City Lights" residential building and adjacent parking structure.  The impact caused cascading collapses inside the building that couldn't bee seen fron the outside.  Building managers evacuated the complex and made alternative arrangements for the rent-paying residents.

"Our number one priority is the living area on the eastern-most side of the building where it appears that all five stories at some point inside the structure have collapsed," said Jason Evans, public information officer for Dallas Fire and Rescue.  "This is the same area in which the deceased person was discovered."