The Indian mining giant Adani has been fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to providing false or misleading information to Queensland's environmental regulator.

It's the first criminal conviction against Adani in Australia.  

The QLD Department of Environment and Science (DES) says Adani filed its annual return in March 2018 with the claim that it had not cleared any land on the the Carmichael mine site during 2017-18.  In fact, authorities say Adani had actually failed to report a disturbance area of more than 130 hectares.  The DES says it learned of the discrepancy six months later.

The Greens are demanding the federal government revoke Adani's approval.

"A criminal conviction is a legal trigger for the federal government to review and revoke Adani's approval," said Greens Senator Larissa Waters said.  "If the government keeps ignoring Adani's breaches, it's just one rule for coal donors and another for ordinary Australians."