Good Morning Australia!! - Liberals backtrack on a controversial candidate - The US seizes a North Korean ship - Prince Archie's awful welcome to the real world - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

So, my finger was barely lifting off of the "save" button on the "Liberals Stand By Gurpal Singh" story yesterday, when.. bam!  The Liberals have dumped Mr. Singh as a candidate for the Scullin, VIC seat because of newly emerged social posts in which he dismissed a woman's rape and abuse allegations against her husband, and claimed the abusive husband was the "real victim".  "Mr. Singh sincerely apologises for his previous comments and has tendered his resignation," said a Victorian Liberal spokesperson.  Earlier, the Liberals were under pressure to scrape off Gurpal Singh because of his claims that legalizing gay marriage would somehow lead to more pedophilia.  Almost simultaneously, Clive Palmer's United Australia Party (UAP) disendorsed Tony Pecora, who was standing in the Greens' seat of Melbourne, for his earlier spreading of 911 conspiracy theories.

Prince Archie wasn't three days old before he got his experience with racism.  The BBC sacked radio personality Danny Baker for tweeting a photo of a young couple walking with a chimpanzee with the caption, "Royal Baby leaves hospital."  Archie's maternal grandmother is African-American, and Baker offered his "Sincere apologies" before claiming he didn't know it was racist abuse and accusing BBC lawyers of being weak-kneed.  Commentators noted that there was pretty much no way that Baker could have been unaware of Duchess Meghan's mixed-race heritage and of increasing incidents of racism in the UK, specially at football matches. 

North Korea fired two more short range missiles, but the reaction from the White House has been glaringly muted.  Instead of threats of "fire and fury", Donald Trump merely said, "They were smaller missiles, short-range missiles. Nobody's happy about it, but we're taking a good look."  North Korea and the United States are currently deadlocked in diplomacy meant to rid the North of its nuclear arsenal, but Trump added, "They want to negotiate, they're talking about negotiating, but I don't think they're ready to negotiate."  There appear to be no further plans for summits between the Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Tensions between the two sides might increase after the United States seized a North Korean shipping vessel that was violating international economic sanctions by exporting North Korean coal.  US Feds say the ship "Wise Honest" didn't quite live up to its name because Pyong Yang tried to conceal the truth of its ownership to get around sanctions.  it reportedly brought heavy machinery back to North Korea on the return trips.  It's the first time the US has seized a North Korean ship for breaching sanctions.

Montenegro has jailed two pro-Russia opposition politicians for five years each for plotting to topple the government in 2016 and block the country's ascension into NATO.  Russia denies taking part in the plot, but the court also convicted two Russian GRU agents in absentia and sentenced them to twelve and 15 years in prison.  

Rwanda's national carrier RwandAir has been forced to debunk a viral video showing a flight attendant warning passengers that an Ebola patient sits among them.  The video does not show an actual flight - rather, it was part of a training video about dealing with the very real emergency that was the 2015 West African Ebola epidemic that killed thousands.  There is no Ebola on RwandAir flights.  Seriously.