Good Morning Australia!! - Surviving a plunge from the edge of space to earth - PNG questionably purchases a fleet of luxury cars - Parts of Florida are flattened by the hurricane - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The two men aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket survived when the second stage boosters failed, forcing them to commit to a steep and very dangerous "ballistic landing".  NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Russian Cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin lifted off as scheduled from the Russia-leased Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.  But things started going wrong about 90 seconds into the flight, when an alarm signaled the booster failure and the pilots were knocked around.  They got the capsule free of the rocket and fell back to earth, aided by the capsule's parachutes, landing near the Kazakh city of Dzhezkazgan some 500 kilometers from the launchpad.  Ruscosmos showed the two walking away from the capsule and getting a medical check-up; NASA said they were taken back to the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre outside Moscow for further debriefing.  

The US military has grounded all of its F-35 fighter jets for inspections to be carried out on faulty fuel tubes.  Last month, an F-35 crashed off of South Carolina, at a cost of more then US$100 Million.  Israel also grounded its F-35s for similar inspections.    Australia was the first of the US partners to receive its F-35s earlier this year, taking three of what will eventually be 72 jets from Lockheed Martin.

The Dow crashed another 546 points in trading on Thursday, stomped and abused by concerns over interest rates and the US-China trade war. 

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) government has purchased 40 new custom-made Maserati cars, sparking outrage among those who believe the money should go to fight the country's polio outbreak, or widespread poverty.  The government plans to use the ritzy cars to ferry about world leaders at the APEC summit later this year.  The cars will then be sold off to recoup some of the money.  The ABC reports that Maserati Quattroporte sedans retail in Australia for between AU$209,000 and $345,000.  PNG's minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, told the ABC his government has already received "a lot of interest" in the cars from prospective buyers.

Hurricane Michael is now a tropical storm, after tearing into Florida's panhandle and causing all sorts of destruction.  Five people, including an eleven-year old child, were killed by falling trees and debris.  Panama City is in sad shape; the town of "Mexico Beach was wiped out" according to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Brock Long.  Most homes that weren't ground down to the nubs by the 155 MPH sustained wind were floated off of their foundations, and those that weren't had the contents spread around in a wide area by the wind and storm surge.  At least 350,000 people are without power.  The storm is dumping several inches of rain over the southern Appalachians in Georgia and South Carolina; it will eventually pass through Virginia and Delaware and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

A powerful storm caused flash flooding on Majorca, Spain, killing at least a dozen people.  There was also deadly flooding in the south of France.

Masked gunmen abducted Africa's youngest billionaire Mohammed "Mo" Dewji outside an upscale gym in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Police arrested three people and say two of the abductors were believed to be foreign nationals.  The 43-year old Mr. Dewji made his money by growing a family business into a pan-African multinational company dealing in foods, textiles, and other businesses.

Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump called herself "the most bullied person in the world", in reference to online criticism. 

Meanwhile, hundreds of Central American children in US desert interment camps - forcibly taken from their immigrant parents who tried to cross the US southern border at the orders of the Trump administration - are being threatened with being adopted by US families against their deported parents' will.  Meanwhile, a Texas judge has ruled against a law that favored Native American families over caucasians in indigenous adoptions, a law which supporters said slowed the long cultural genocide against Native American tribes.  Meanwhile, the simmering frustration in Puerto Rico continues, more than a year after Hurricane Maria devastated the Spanish-speaking US territory and killed nearly 3,000 people while largely nothing has been done in the way of recovery. 

Zoo animals in Detroit get their Halloween treats.  Yay!