Good Morning Australia!! - Trump says his dumpster fire of a White House is a "well-oiled machine" - Islamic State bombings kill more than 120 people - A woman just a few months shy of her pension gives birth to twins - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Donald Trump's first solo news conference in the White House was a rambling, meandering shyte show of lies, half-truths, and utter jibberish.  It started out with Trump announcing that Alexander Acosta, the dean of the Florida International University law school, would be his new nominee for Labor secretary.  The other bit of news to come out is that Trump now claims he did not direct his now-fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to talk about US economic sanctions with the Russian Ambassador - but he did not address why it took him so long to fire Flynn for lying about those contacts.  Beyond that, it was an hour-long crapfest of Trump refusing to answer questions by constantly talking about his electoral college victory, blaming the media, and claiming his administration was running like an "well-oiled machine".

US Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis is ruling out military cooperation with Russia.  "We are not in a position right now to collaborate on a military level," he said to reporters after a NATO meeting in Brussels, "But our political leaders will engage and try to find common ground."  NATO and non-NATO European countries - encompassing most of America's traditional allies - have expressed concern about increasingly provocative military moves by Russia.

Islamic State has been busy:  The group claimed responsibility for two massive bombings.  One terrorist detonated a suicide device among devotees in the shrine of Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in the town of Sehwan - more than 70 people were killed.  And the terrorist group blew up a truck bomb at an automobile marketplace in the predominantly Shiite Sadr City area of Baghdad, Iraq, killing 47 people and wounding 60 more.

There are concerns about a 64-year old woman in Spain who is recovering after giving birth to twins via ceasarian.  The boy and girl, 2.4 kilos and 2.2 kilos respectively, are doing fine.  But social workers had previously taken away the woman's child born in 2012 because the mother was raising the girl in isolation, with poor hygiene and ratty clothing.  Separately, two other Spanish women in their 60s have given birth to healthy babies in recent years.

Prosecutors in Portugal are charging Angolan Vice President Manuel Vicente with paying US$800,000 to stifle a corruption investigation.  The former public prosecutor who allegedly took the cash is also charged. 

Malaysian police now have three people in custody in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the exiled elder half-brother of North Korean dicatator Kim Jong-un.  The two women were identified from security video from the Kuala Lumpur airport, where the assassins grabbed Kim by the face and sprayed him with some sort of poison.  At least one made attempts to change her appearance, as a scissors and clipped hair were found in her hotel room.  One woman had a Vietnamese passport, the other appeared to be from Indonesia - her boyfriend has also been arrested.  Not surprisingly, North Korea's state-run media has said nothing about the killing of the dear leader's estranged brother.