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Things got worse for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his own brother, Jo Johnson, announced he will step down as Conservative Party MP and as a minister, because of their differences over Brexit.  Jo Johnson said he could no longer be "torn between family loyalty and the national interest".  This follows Boris's ouster of 21 Tory MPs who defied him on supporting the opposition bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit.  Other Tory MPs said they would not stand in the next election, suggesting the Conservative Party is undergoing a traumatic internal struggle over Johnson's desire for a no-deal Brexit.

The UK Police Federation is condemning Boris Johnson for going on a Brexit rant at an event at a police college training center in West Yorkshire, saying he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" rather than go to Brussels and ask for another extension to the UK's divorce from the European Union.  "To use police officers as the backdrop to what became a political speech was inappropriate and they shouldn't have been put in that position," said West Yorkshire police and crime commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson, "It clearly turned into a rant about Brexit, the opposition and a potential general election.  There's no way that police officers should've formed the backdrop to a speech of that nature."  The speech itself was dissed as disjointed and rambling, and critics are blasting Johnson for failing to come to the aid of a female police cadet who almost fainted while he rambled on.

The chaos and humiliation had been coming all day:  Sensing a snap election coming up, Johnson went on a walkabout in Leeds and Wakefield.  A man approached Johnson, shaking his hand and smiling before very gently saying:  "Please leave my town."  It wasn't long before the hashtag #PleaseLeaveMyTown started to trend on social media, where the man was hailed as a hero.


The UN World Food Program says more than 76,000 people in the Bahamas need immediate help with food, shelter, and other aid after the "unprecedented" destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian.  It hit the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama earlier this week as a Category Five storm - the strongest on the scale - and park itself there for more than two days.  At least 20 people were killed, but hundreds are still missingm and the scent of death is reportedly hanging among the flattened buildings and strewn debris.  Dorian is now a Category Two storm battering the Carolinas in the southeastern US.

South Africa and Nigeria are having a row over xenophobic violence.  South Africa has temporarily closed its diplomatic missions in Nigeria after revenge attacks by locals, who were set off by reports of mobs looting and destroying shops in Johannesburg.  Although at least ten people have been killed in the trouble in South Africa, although none have been identified as Nigerians.  Both governments are condemning the violence in their home countries, but Nigeria is also going to boycott an important economic conference in South Africa to protest the looting.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to unleash a torrent of Syrian refugees towards Europe, unless a "safe zone" can be established for Syrians who've sheltered in his country to escape eight and-a-half years of civil war.  More than 3.6 million Syrian refugees are in Turkey, a vast multitude that dwarfs the number of newcomers who showed up in Europe during the 2015-16 immigration crisis.  "We will be forced to open the gates," said Erdogan, "We cannot be forced to handle the burden alone."  The US first proposed the "safe zone" in Syria as a way to protect the Kurdish YPG militia, the most-effective ground-fighting force against the so-called Islamic State, but which Erdogan considers to be a terrorist group.

Philippine immigration authorities arrested an American woman for allegedly trying to sneak a six-day old infant through Manila Airport on a flight back to the US.  A National Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman said that 43-year old Jennifer Talbot of Ohio had "passed through the immigration counter without declaring the baby, so you know they did not see the baby because she was carrying the baby in a sling bag" over her shoulder, instead of probably supporting the baby's head.  She's charged with human trafficking, the baby is in protective custody, and police are searching for the birth parents.

A UK couple returning from holiday in France were shocked to find a 17-year old boy hiding in the roof box of their car.  The kid, originally from Egypt, apparently stowed away in the cargo carrier when the family car was parked in Calais, and stayed inside as they took the ferry back to England.  The couple set out to unpack once they got home to Newbury, and were shocked to find the teen:  "I have a lot of sympathy for him actually and I don't begrudge him for getting into our country, just it was a bit of a shock and have not had that much adrenaline pumping through our veins for a long time," said Mr. Simon Fenton.  Thames Valley Police confirm they took the stowaway into custody.