Howdy Australia!! - The death of a whistle-blower - A politician quits rather than be elected by nazis - Trump vents his spleen - Bolsonaro's war on the environment - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Chinese State media says that Dr. Li Wenliang, one of the whistleblowers who tried to warn the world about the 2019-nCoV, has died after being infected with the virus himself.  The Global Times reported his death last night, withdrew the report to say he was critically ill, and then reported the death again this morning.  Police threatened Dr. Li back in December, and forced him to sign a statement that his urgent warning about the spread of the coronavirus were false rumors.  Since then, more than 560 people are dead - mostly in China - and global infections are more than 28,000.  

A second Chinese doctor is dead because of the coronavirus outbreak.  28-year old Song Yingjie died of cardiac arrest after working ten days straight.  He was part of a medical team at a health clinic in Hunan Province.  

The German state premier who was elected with the neo-nazi votes has resigned.  The Die Linke ("Left") party actually won the Thuringia state elections several weeks ago and was about to accept a coalition deal, when the far-right, racist Alternative for Germany (AfD) took its votes for its own candidate and threw them to the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), which like most parties regularly refuses to form coalitions with the far-right.  Chancellor Angela Merkel didn't appreciate the foolishness of her CDU party's usual allies in the FD and called the situation "unforgivable".  Now, the CDU and FDP are split over whether to have new elections in the state.  But while the fascists are cackling over their ability to cause chaos, the situation might benefit Die Linke the most:  Party officials say new membership applications spiked ten-fold after the debacle.

Two train drivers were killed and more than two dozen people were injured in a high speed train derailment south of Milan, Italy.  A local prosecutor said, "The train derailed near a railroad switch that was supposed to be in a position but was not."

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is attempting to contact an Australian man who was one of three men stabbed by alleged Islamic State terrorists in the Maldives.  This happened on Hulhumale, an island north of The Maldives capital Male.  The suspects are under arrest, the three victims are reportedly in a stable condition.

Donald Trump celebrated beating impeachment on corruption and abuse of power charges with a pep rally in the White House East Room.  Before a crowd of cabinet members, staffers, and Congressional Republican sycophants, Trump ranted for an hour about "evil, corrupt, witch hunt, leakers, liars, disgrace, disaster, dirty cops, bad people" and at one point called the impeachment trial "bullsh*t".  He went on to say that he did nothing wrong - which flies directly in the face of Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins who voted to acquit Trump because she claimed he understood that he did something wrong and he had learned his lesson.  Despite the ranting and raving containing absolutely no news content, all major US cable TV news and terrestrial television networks covered it start to finish.

Brazil's far right president Jair Bolsonaro will introduce a bill to allow for mining as well as gas and oil exploration on indigenous peoples's lands.  That hasn't been illegal in Brazil, but it hasn't been allowed because such resource exploitation wasn't regulated.  Bolsonaro, who says the indigenous control of 13 percent of Brazil's land is "too much", is introducing the bill to provide that cursory regulation.  Tribal leaders say this would undermine their communities and wipe out their cultures, which are already threatened by increasing invasions by illegal loggers and wildcat miners.