Good Morning Australia!! - A former Marine shoots up a college bar in America's latest bloodbath - A judge releases potentially violent criminal defendants after losing his reelection bid - Someone please bubble-wrap RBG?  Please? - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

A former US Marine with a history of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) walked into bar in affluent Thousand Oaks, California and shot and killed twelve people before killing himself.  The Borderline Bar and Grill northwest of Los Angeles was having its weekly college-country music night, popular with students at nearby state schools and Pepperdine University.  The shooter is identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served a tour in Afghanistan and who was having a bad time with PTSD and readjusting to life after the war.  Authorities say his  gun, a .45 caliber Glock 21, was purchased legally.  Among his victims was 29-year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Ron Helus, a tactics and weapons instructor.  This was America's 307th mass shooting in 311 days.

US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to George Washington University for observation after falling and bruising her ribs.  The 85-year old two-time cancer survivor is reportedly in a good condition. 

An oil tanker rammed a Norwegian Navy frigate, tearing a gaping hole in the side of the vessel, and spilling thousands of gallons of fuel into the sea.  Tugs had to push the navy ship to shallow water on the country's west coast to keep it from sinking.  All 137 sailors were evacuated and only eight were slightly injured.  The 250-meter-long Maltese-flagged Sola TS tanker had just departed the Sture oil and gas terminal near Oygarden with a load of crude oil bound for the UK; the collision appears to be an accident.

French recovery crews pulled seven bodies out of those dilapidated buildings that collapsed in the southern city of Marseilles - And authorities believe one person may still be trapped under the rubble.  The Interior Minister alleges there are at least 6,000 old buildings identified as "at risk" in Marseilles, but the mayor is so far resisting pressure to step down as the disaster becomes a scandal.

Another day of fog surrounding the location and condition of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman freed from prison in Pakistan after the country's highest court threw out her death penalty blasphemy conviction.  Although some believed she had already boarded a plane for the Netherlands to request asylum, other reports say she is in protective custody, hiding with her family from the fundamentalist Muslim mobs who are demanding she be lynched.

Ecuador's Leftist former president Rafael Correa is requesting asylum in Belgium.  This week, an Ecuadorian judge opened a criminal trial against Correa for his suspected involvement in a botched kidnapping of an opposition lawmaker in 2012.  Correa's case may be bolstered by Interpol, which had rejected an Ecuador-issued arrest warrant in July on the grounds it was "obviously a political matter".

A judge in Texas is under fire for releasing criminal suspects from his court in an apparent tantrum over losing his reelection bod earlier in the week.  Republican Judge Glenn Devlin was one of 39 incumbents who lost to Democratic Party challengers this week.  The morning after the election he let seven juvenile defendants go - including some charged with violent crimes - claiming "that's what the voters wanted".  Prosecutors are furious, and the American Civil Liberties Union - which normally goes to bat for defendants - wants Devlin investigated for injecting his political opinion into the judicial process.

Hundreds of African Buffalo drowned in a river separating Botswana and Namibia, apparently driven into the water by attacking lions.  Local wildlife officials cannot recall anything similar, with hundreds of bloating carcasses collected along the banks of the river that flows through the Chobe National Park, a popular Safari tourism draw.