Hello Australia!! - Tragedy at a Daycare Center - New revelations about the negiligence before Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide - Poland's questionable memorial - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Nobody was watching politically-connected multimillionaire and pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in prison early Saturday morning, despite his earlier suicide attempt in the US Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center under the jurisdiction of Donald Trump's Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr.  Instead of checking on him every half hour, as is the standard practice in the Special Housing Unit, guards failed to follow procedure.  But it goes beyond that - the Union says the two guards were working forced overtime in the poorly staffed jail, and one of them was on his fifth straight day of O/T.  The Justice Department and FBI say they will investigate.

Court documents described how Epstein allegedly groomed girls for rape and sexual abuse, recruiting the victims at schools or, in one significant case, at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's Florida resort.  Epstein is also linked to other powerful people, including Prince Andrew, former US President Bill Clinton, and others.  One of Epstein's victims - Virginia Giuffre, who has settled her lawsuit against him and begun a new life in Queensland - said she's glad Epstein' can't hurt anyone anymore, but is angry because his death robs the other victims of justice.  


Five children were killed and one was injured in a fire at a daycare center in Erie, Pennsyvania.  Chief Guy Santone of the Erie Fire Department says the victims ranged in ages from eight months to seven years.  The business advertises itself as a 24-hour childcare faciity.  Police and fire investigators are now ooking into the possibility the fire was intentionally set.

Scott Morrison attends the Pacific Island Forum later this week.  And when he gets to Tuvalu's capital Funafuti, the PM will be under increased pressure to increase Australia's commitment to combating Climate Change, which causes rising seas, which threatens the very existence of several nations taking part in the forum.  Leading that charge will be Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama, who has rallying Pacific Island leaders not to allow Australia to water-down any statements on Climate Change when it comes up.

Polish President Andrzej Duda attended a memorial service for a military brigade that collaborated with the nazi occupiers against the Soviet troops as they were sweeping across Europe in 1944-'45, liberating death camps on their way to Berlin.  A Roman Catholic mass in Warsaw honored the so-called Holy Cross Mountains Brigade of the National Armed Forces on the 75th anniversary of its formation.  Descendants of Poland's brave underground fighters who resisted the nazi occupation refused Duda's invitations to the event, reminding him that "cooperation with the (nazi) occupiers was unimaginable to them".  Poland's chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich also rejected an invitation to Sunday's ceremony, calling it "a personal insult".