Good Morning Australia!! - Your government wants more military involvement in local law enforcement - A Brazilian pol definitely didn't want these wedding gifts - And it's about time!  The Doctor's groundbreaking 13th regeneration is revealed - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The government will announce an expansion of the Australian Defense Force's (ADF) role in helping to train state and territory police to deal with terrorist threats.  Although police will continue to take the lead in such scenarios, the first such overhaul of the ADF's role in counter-terrorism arrangements since 2005 will make it easier to deploy troops under "call out" powers.  The Turnbull government last year initiated a review of the ADF's support to national counter-terrorism arrangements following a series of terrorist attacks around the world.

If you've recently had a burger in Europe, it may not have been what you expected:  Police across the EU busted 65 people in a racket to sell horse meat that was deemed unfit for human consumption.  Suspects are charged with animal abuse, forgery, money laundering, and racketeering.  The ringleader was a Belgian who was sought by Irish authorities for a 2013 scandal in which horse meat was passed off as beef for burgers.  So, yuck.

Thousands of Poles rallied in Warsaw against the ultra-right-wing government's new law making it easier to appoint judges and stack the courts in its favor.  The law was also opposed by the EU.  President Andrzej Duda is likely to signed it anyway.

At least 16 Hindu pilgrims on a pilgrimage died when their bus plunged off of a cliff in Indian-administered Kashmir.  Another 19 of them were rushed to hospital in a critical condition.  The cause is under investigation, although locals say the road was wet at the time and was not protected by a guard rail.

Torches and Pitchforks:  A Brazilian politician with close ties to loathed, unelected President Michel Temer was egged at her own wedding and forced to flee in an armored police vehicle.  Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the church where 25-year old Maria Victoria Barros - a member of the Parana state assembly and daughter of Temer's federal health minister - was to be wed in a lavish ceremony before the country's political and economic elites.  Protesters condemned  Barros for her support of last year's judicial coup that saw democratically-elected President Dilma Rousseff ousted for an accounting error that was not a crime.

France's centrist President Emmanuel Macron equated anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, handing a big, giant rhetorical gift to his guest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel - whose allies frequently seek to defend his country's often bloody occupation of Palestinian lands as justified by political Zionism.  It's the latest step in France's long and complicated relationship with Jews and Israel - It wasn't until 1995 that  France acknowledged its complicity in the Holocaust of World War II, and many French Jews have emigrated to Israel in recent years amid terror attacks, growing anti-Semitism, and expanding Muslim populations around French cities.

The next actor to play Doctor Who in the long-running British scifi series will be Jodie Whittaker, marking the first time a woman has played the 2,000 or so year old Time Lord.  Whittaker played the parent of a murdered child on the ITV series Broadchurch, which is also giving its former showrunner Chris Chibnall as Doctor Who's new executive producer and head writer.  Whittaker will appear in the Christmas Special which will mark Peter Capaldi's exit from the role he held for three years, as well as feature David Bradley - who played Walder Frey in Game of Thrones - as the First Doctor.  Three Doctors, new monsters, sounds like a Merry Christmas.