Good Morning Australia!! - Planet Earth is "at a crossroads" - Macron Considers a state of emergency - Allegations againt Israel's Netanyahu are piling up - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Israeli police are recommending prosecutors indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah on charges of offering profitable legislation to enrich the country's telecom giant Bezeq in exchange for more favorable news coverage on its website.  Police have already recommended charges for similar alleged conduct with a newspaper; a third recommendation of criminal charges involves allegedly accepting gifts from billionaire friends.  Israel's attorney-general was still weighing those cases before Sunday's announcement.  Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing.

French President Emmanuel Macron returned from the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, and immediately went to visit victims of vandalism after some of the worst rioting that central Paris has seen in years.  But even as he consoled those who suffered lost and stolen property, some of the so-called "yellow vest" protesters were there to "boo" him.  Macron is meeting with security officials to decide whether to declare a state of emergency.  A day earlier, raucous protesters burned cars, shattered shop windows along the Champs Elysees and surrounded streets, and vandalized the Arc de Triomphe with hammers and spray painted slogans.  The yellow vests oppose Macron's economic reforms - which lean to the neo-liberal side - but the protesters themselves seem to come from across the spectrum.

With the G20 out of the way, the next big international gathering is the COP24 climate conference in Katowice, Poland - ironically, in the midst of Poland's coal country where half the European Union's coal miners live.  Running through the 15th, representatives of 195 countries will work on details to implementing the Paris Climate Accord, which seeks to will try to limit global warming to less than 1.5 C degrees above pre-industrial levels.  Officials and scientists are warning the that the planet "is at a crossroads" to stop the undeniable reality of climate change.  They're also battling backsliding by countries like the United States - which backed out of the treaty - and Brazil - which now says it will not host next year's UN COP25 conference.

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko says his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin won't answers his calls and Russia is massing troops on the border, and is calling on the Kremlin to "withdraw its troops stationed on the Russian-Ukrainian border and remove a large number of warships from the Sea of Azov".  Poroshenko is calling for "Normandy"-style taks to de-escalate the conflict between the two countries in the Kerch Strait.  "Normandy" refers to earlier, four-party talks which was set up to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine involving Russian-backed rebels.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the possibility with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit, preferring a quartet of Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany. 

The admiral who oversaw US naval forces in the Middle East was found dead of apparent suicide in his home in Bahrain.  The Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Bahraini Ministry of Interior say no foul play is suspected in the death of 58-year old Chicago native Vice Admiral Scott Stearney

The African Union (AU) is warning Burundi that an international arrest warrant issued for ex-leader Pierre Buyoya and 16 other officials will jeopardize peace efforts.  They are accused of being behind the 1993 assassination of the country's first elected Hutu president, which led to a twelve-year civil war between the hutus and Tutsis which claimed at least 300,000 lives.

Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was sworn in as president over the weekend.  The former Mexico City mayor, who was elected on what the international news media sees as a "Leftist" platform, pledged to end corruption and impunity to transform the nation on behalf of the poor and marginalised.