Good Morning Australia!! - One of the black boxes eludes searchers at the Lion Air crash site - The UK launches a criminal probe into the Brexit campaign - A mass shooting is linked to one of the darkest and weirdest corners of the Internet - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Divers searching for the wreckage of Lion Air Flight JT610 can no longer hear the "ping" signal from the Boeing 737 MAX 8's missing cockpit voice recorder.  The flight data recorder was located last week and has yielded 69 hours of information, including the doomed flight out of Jakarta that ended in the Java Sea.  Analysis of the data and some of the pieces of the airplane plucked from the sea are to begin today.  The crash killed all 189 people on board, and a diver died in the search for bodies and debris.

There are now 29 people dead as a result of wild weather buffeting Italy with the deaths of twelve people in flooding in Sicily.  The local fire brigade said nine were members of two families at a dinner party in a house that was suddenly inundated by water from a nearby river that overflowed.  A week's worth of powerful storms and rain has caused record flooding in Venice, landslides that have cut off mountain villages, and toppled woodlands including the "Violin Forest" that provided wood for violin maker Antonio Stradivarius' instruments.  Damage will cost more than a billion Euros.

Voters on the Pacific island of New Caledonia decided to remain part of France, rejecting an independence referendum by a margin of 56.4 percent to 43.6 percent.  But the spread wasn't nearly as close as pro-unification campaigners predicted, and some indigenous communities voted near unanimously for independence.  That has emboldened the pro-secession side to dream up a new strategy to try again.

Poland's ruling right-wing populist PiS party lost the mayorships in run-off elections in major cities Krakow and Gdansk; PiS already lost contests in Warsaw, Pozna, and Lodz in the first round in October. 

The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) has opened a criminal investigation into allegations about businessman and Brexiteer Arron Banks' 8 Million Pound donation to the campaign to leave the European Union.  Officials said there were reasonable grounds to suspect that Mr. Banks - a close ally of Nigel Farage - was "not the true source" of the donation.  At issue is whether his Rock Services insurance company is just a shell for his Rock Holdings, which is based offshore on the Isle of Man.  Banks insisted to the the BBC that there was "no Russian money and no interference".  Meanwhile, the Brexit is to take place in March 2019, and so far there is no agreement in the UK's cabinet, in Parliament, or with the EU on how this is supposed to happen.

Faulty brakes apparently caused a truck to plow into a line of cars waiting at a toll booth in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu, China.  At least 15 people were killed.

Egyptian security forces killed 19 militants allegedly involved in Friday's killings of seven Coptic Christian worshipers in the southern province of Minya.  The military tracked the attackers to a mountainous area in the western part of the province, engaging them in a shootout. 

The gunman who shot and killed two women and himself at a Florida Yoga studio had a history of unwanted physical contact with women, misogynist and racists posts on social media, and supporting Republican and conservative causes.  More disturbingly, 40-year old Scott Paul Beierle had posted videos praising Elliot Rodger, the hero of the Internet's "Incel" community - short for "involuntary celibate, simply put guys who can't get a girlfriend and blame the world instead of their own lousy attitudes - who went on a murder spree in California in 2014.  If that sounds familiar, it's because another member of Rodgers' fan club went on the attack in April, plowing a rented van through the sidewalk in Toronto, killing ten people and injuring 16 more.  The alleged perpetrator Alek Minassian did not appear in court in his latest hearing last week.

A Ukraine anti-corruption activist has died three months after being attacked with acid, the cause of death believed to be a blood clot after several reconstructive surgeries.  In Kiev, hundreds rallied for 33-year old Kateryna Handzyuk who was also an opponent of Russian-backed separatists.  She suffered eye damage and burns on 40percent of her body as a result of the attack.  Weeks ago, she released a video in which she said, "I know I look bad now.  But at least I'm being treated," adding, "And I definitely know that I look much better that justice in Ukraine.  Because nobody is treating it."  Five people have been arrested in the attack.